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Quiddity Weapons Quest
Level: 40
Type: Small Fellowship
Starts At: 23.3S, 46.0W
Route: Mansion to Portal to Izji Qo's Temple or give Sake to the Drunken Madman near Baishi
Repeat: 20 Hours


  • The quest involves gathering the parts to a key and then using it to unlock a singularity trove containing a Quiddity Ingot. The ingot can then be used to obtain one of the Quiddity Weapons.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Creating the Martinate Trove Key

Ring of a Singularity Key

  1. First make your way to the The Malignant Tabernacle located at 23.3S, 46.0W.
  2. This dungeon is fairly linear (keep going down) and contains Elementals and Dual Elementals. Make your way to a large open room - the Elementals in this room drop the Ring of a Singularity Key.

Teeth of a Singularity Key

  1. For the second part of the key you need to go to Venemous Nidus at 13.1S, 91.8W.
  2. From the drop, head east and then take your first right. Head straight south and down a ramp. Hug the right wall and continue down a series of ramps until you reach a pit. Jump down and make your way south into a large room. This room contain Simulacra - once you have cleared the room find the way out on the west wall.
  3. In this next area Hollow Olthoi await - kill them to find Teeth of a Singularity Key.
  4. Once you have the Teeth you can combine it with the Ring to make a Martinate Trove Key.

Part 2: Unlocking a Martinate Singularity Trove

  1. Make your way to the Convergent Median dungeon found south of the Direlands at at 87.1S, 40.3W.
  2. This dungeon is the most dangerous of the three containing Dual Elementals, Hollow Olthoi, Martinate Simulacra, and Virindi.
  3. Once you arrive in the dungeon, head west to a dead end. Turn to face north and go down a ramp and then go east and down another ramp.
  4. You should end in a large room with a large ring in the middle. Take the north or south exit and head down the ramp. Make your way east killing both Duals and Virindi.
  5. Both corridors lead to a large open room, filled with more Duals, Virindi, and some Hollow Olthoi. Dispatch these and then make your way toward the door in the middle of the east side wall. Make your way through it and you will reach the final room. There is section in the middle of the room containing Martinate Singularity Trove. Use your key and grab the Quiddity Ingot.

Part 3: Obtaining the Quiddity Weapon

  1. The inscription on the Ingot gives you the coordinates 32.0N, 43.2W. Go here to receive your weapon by giving the Ingot to the appropriate Virindi Crafter.

Part 4: Enhancing the Quiddity Weapon

  1. Purchase a Weapon Upgrade Kit Containment Gem from Colosseum Coin Collector, Hisham al-Evv, Hurnmel the Smith, Lintareal or Panhsj
  2. Use the gem to obtain a Weapon Upgrade Kit (givable/tradeable) and add to the weapon to create the enhanced version.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Malignant Tabernacle 23.3S, 46.0W -- 536C
Venemous Nidus 13.1S, 91.8W -- 536E
Convergent Median 87.1S, 40.3W -- 536B




Lore & Dialog

Virindi crafter

Crafter of Axes tells you, "You are made of flesh, and are therefore the one whom I seek. Grant me the ore delivered by the Quiddity, and I will make what you desire.
Crafter of Axes tells you, "Odd... you are not as the master described. Your epidermis is fair and supple.

Handing in Quiddity Ingot to a Virindi crafter

You give Crafter of Axes Quiddity Ingot
Crafter of Axes tells you, "Here is the item you seek. Use it on our enemies.
Crafter of Axes gives you Axe of the Quiddity

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

A Perfect Paradox

  • Atlatl weapon added.

Gaining Ground

  • Two handed weapon added.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.


The Quiddity Ingot originally spawned on raids made up of Dark Marionettes, Tuskers and Virindi Masters during the Lost in the New Horizon event. These raids were admin triggered. See 2001/07 - Virindi Death Squads for details.

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