Introduced:  Lost in the New Horizon Related Quests:  Caul Flagging
Quintessence Sickle
Quintessence Sickle Icon
Quintessence Sickle Live

Quintessence Sickle


Dropped By


Update History

Mirror, Mirror

  • Icon and artwork updated.
  • Damage increased from 9 - 18 to 25 - 50.
  • Attack modifier updated from +8% to +12%.
  • Melee modifier updated from +4% to +8%.
  • Spells updated:
    • Old spells: Blood Drinker IV, Swift Killer IV, Heart Seeker IV, Invulnerability IV
    • New spells: Axe Mastery Other VI, Minor Blood Thirst.
  • Biting Strike added.
  • Old icon: Quintessence Sickle (Lost in the New Horizon) Icon

The Madness of Men

  • Axe: 325 activation requirement changed to base wield.

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Axe to Finesse Weapons.
  • Base damage upped from 25 - 50 to 25.5 - 51.
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