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The radar (also known as the compass) is located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Its position can vary depending on whether you have a panel open and if you have enabled the stretch UI option.

The Radar displays your heading, your field of view, and information about objects around you in the form of colored blips.

Radar blip[]

If the color of a blip is slightly dimmed, that indicated that the object in question is above or below you.
In addition to the colored blips; white, pink and red blips will also show up as a hollow square if the player is in your allegiance.


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Update History[]

Keep Your Enemies Closer

  • Option added for displaying player coordinates below the radar.

Fever Dreams

  • Members of your allegiance now appear as squares instead of circles on the radar.


  • Radar now displays all creatures in the vicinity regardless of whether they are moving or not.


  • Leaders of a fellowship now display as triangles on the radar.

Visions in the Darkness

  • Charge radius removed (red circle in the center of the radar).
  • Radar blips for fellowship members now appear as green downward-pointing triangles and the leader as an upward-pointing triangle.
  • PK and PKL player blips changed to red and pink Xs respectively (later changed back to blips due to negative feedback).