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One of the three Societies of Dereth, along with the Celestial Hand and Eldrytch Web, first mentioned in the Investigate the Factions quest added during the Introductions event. Labeled as the 'neutral' faction in ACVault's interview with Andy "Frelorn" Cataldo.




Leader: Nuhmudira

Headquarters: Radiant Blood Stronghold @ 12.8N 0.7E in Zaikhal.


Jawaq ibn Janath Investigate the Factions Scout of the Blood
Vierana du Canamorra Investigate the Factions Blood Recruiter
Kelan Raven-Eye Investigate the Factions Blood Archivist
Lacarra Avanthi Disturbance in the Ley Lines Blood of Truth
Blood Priestess (Creature) Lord Rytheran's Journal
Harlune's Diplomacy
Elite Zharalim Agent (Creature) Harlune's Diplomacy N/A
Master Rhan Society Stipend Officer

Principles & Philosophy


  • The Tenets of the Radiant Blood State, "One must be willing to sacrifice anything and everything, including one's own life or soul, in advancement of the greater good."
  • The Blood's leader Nuhmudira is a divisive character.
    • Openly practices Blood Magic, and has sacrificed her own loyal followers in Blood Rites.
    • Seen as self-centered and power hungry by some.
    • Mental state is still unclear after her mind link with the Ancient Olthoi Queen.
  • Conspiracy theories involving Nuhmudira forming the Radiant Blood only for personal gain, or to gain willing sacrifices for her Blood Magic.

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