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Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction
Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 20
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • This letter serves as an introduction to the representative of the Radiant Blood in Ayan Baqur.


The person who brings you this note has proven quite useful to me in the matter of the Blight Lictor's bounty. I may have had some trouble collecting the head without such assistance. I feel that this fellow Isparian has proven to be courageous and skillful in the field, and may be worthy of induction to the Radiant Blood some day, when we are ready to make our bid for primacy in Dereth. Perhaps it would behoove you to share a copy of our Tenets with this person.

Your servant,

Jawaq ibn Janath


You give Jawaq ibn Janath Blight Lictor's Head.

Jawaq ibn Janath tells you, "I am well pleased. It brings a savage joy to my heart to see that foul creature's severed head. Allow me to reward you with some practical knowledge. I should also give you a letter of introduction to bring to my commander, Vierana du Canamorra in Ayan Baqur. You may be worthy to one day become a member of the Radiant Blood..."

You've earned 13,782,125 experience.

Jawaq ibn Janath gives you Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction.

You give Vierana du Canamorra Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction.

Vierana du Canamorra tells you, "I see you have been of use to one of my scouts. That Jawaq always was a little weak in the sword arm, if you know what I mean. Well, if you did what he could not, perhaps, in time, you may be useful to me. The Radiant Blood is not accepting more members yet, but we may in the not-too-distant future... Suffice it to say you have been noticed, and may be watched. For now, allow me to present you with a book on the tenets of our society to see if your heart belongs with us."

Vierana du Canamorra gives you Tenets of the Radiant Blood.