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Character Summary
Rakhil al-Khur
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Important Dates:
  • 977 RC - approximate date of death

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Rulers of Gharu'n:

The first Malik and founder of Gharu'n. Rakhil's chosen symbol was the eagle.[1]

The desert of Naqut, which divided the land of Milantos from the decaying Roulean Empire was where it was that the people known as Gharu'ndim lived. From here, Rakhil started his conquest of the Roulean Empire to the north, after slaying the demon Hayyaz. [2]

Together with Yasif ibn Salayyar, he conquered a large part of the old Roulean Empire.[1] When the raiders laid siege to Tirethas, the City of Lore, however, Rakhil made the mistake of threatening to burn the books within her walls. Yasif struck down his king in rage, and the conquest came to a sudden end.[3]

He was succeeded by his son, Amul ibn Rakhil.[4]

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