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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Brewing (supplies)
Randall the Sponge
Non-Player Killer
Randall the Sponge Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Wandering Milkman
Location Near Fort Tethana at 6.0N, 72.9W
Level 46
Strength 165
Endurance 205
Coordination 100
Quickness 150
Focus 220
Self 180
Health 233
Stamina 305
Mana 285


  • Route: Run North from Fort Tethana.
  • See Farmer and Grocer for other similar shopkeepers.
  • Sells at 155%, buys at 90%.
  • A wandering milk man that sells very little but milk and some low quality brewing components such as rancid yeast and spoiled barely. He sells no items that cannot be purchased elsewhere in Dereth. All of the brewing components he sells are available in Sanamar.



Item Price
Milk Icon Milk 8  

Cooking Supplies[]

Item Price
Ruined Hops Icon Ruined Hops 9  
Brown Hops Icon Brown Hops 18  
Rancid Yeast Icon Rancid Yeast 9  
Liquid Yeast Icon Liquid Yeast 18  
Spoiled Barley Icon Spoiled Barley 9  

Lore & Dialog[]


Randall the Sponge tells you, "Can't say I expected to meet anyone out here in such a remote area. But I'll not turn away a potential customer. Take a look at my wares - such as they are - and let me know if I've aught you wish to purchase!"

Buying From

Randall the Sponge tells you, "Yeah, you're going to like that. I promise."

Selling To

Randall the Sponge tells you, "I suppose I could find some use for this."


Randall the Sponge tells you, "Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and be careful. The ridge on the eastern side of this canyon is crawling with some rather nasty-looking young men. And the beasts they're traveling with... Fearsome, I say."