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Character Summary
Raqur al-Hayra
Eras Active:

The deceased founder of the settlement that would become Yaraq, as mentioned in the town's original description:[1][2]

Some of the Gharu'ndim who first came to Dereth were lifelong desert-dwellers, and chafed at the idea of building their homes on the Yushad Ridge. Their leader, a wizard named Raqur al-Hayra, led them on a trek acrss the A'mun Desert to a cove along the coast of the Inner Sea. Tehre they found an oasis, an island of green amid the sands. Raqur thrust his staff into the ground, bringing forth fresh water, and declared that all the desert folk would be welcome in this place. Sadly, Raqur was slain in a magic duel with a Mu-miyah archmage before the town, called Yaraq, was completed. Yaraq has since remained apart from much of the rest of Dereth, seperated from the rest of the island by desert, although portal and paths do lead to lands beyond the dunes.

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