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Introduced in the Gears of Change event, Rating is a modifier to incoming and outgoing damage, healing, mana consumption, mana charging, and aetheria surging.

Listed below is a brief description of all the known types of rating along with links to articles that include ways to increase/decrease them.


Main article: Damage Rating

Damage rating increases all damage done to a target, including critical hits.

Critical Damage

Main article: Critical Damage Rating

Critical Damage Rating increases Critical Hit damage done to a target.

Damage Resistance

Main article: Damage Resistance Rating

Damage Resistance Rating decreases the amount of all incoming damage, including critical hits.

Critical Damage Resistance

Main article: Critical Damage Resistance Rating

Critical Damage Resistance Rating decreases Critical Hit damage received.

DoT Resistance

Main article: Damage Over Time Resistance Rating

Decreases the effectiveness of Damage Over Time spells cast upon the user.

Health Drain Resistance

Main article: Health Drain Resistance Rating

Decreases the effect of drain spells cast upon the target.

Healing Boost

Main article: Healing Boost Rating

Healing Boost Rating increases the amount of health received from consumables, healing kits, and life magic.

Aetheria Surge

Main article: Aetheria Surge Rating

Increases the chance that Aetheria will surge.

Mana Charge

Main article: Mana Charge Rating

Increases the amount of mana released from mana stones into magical items.

Mana Reduction

Main article: Mana Reduction Rating

Decreases the amount of mana consumed in equipped magical items.

Damage Reduction

Main article: Damage Reduction Rating

Debuff applied to decrease the effective damage rating of the target.

Healing Reduction

Main article: Healing Reduction Rating

Debuff applied to decrease the effective healing rating of the target.

Damage Resistance Reduction

Main article: Damage Resistance Reduction Rating

Debuff applied to decrease the effective damage resistance rating of the target.

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  • See Severlin's post on the official forums for more information [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] .
  • At this time, all increases to any rating stack with each other.
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