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Red Bull of Sanamar Quest
Level: 50
Type: Solo
Starts With: Grand Knight
Starts At: 70.0N, 62.5W near Sanamar
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Dericost Ruin Quest
2. Knights of Karlun Quest
3. Red Bull of Sanamar Quest
4. Whispering Blade Infiltration
5. Rossu Morta Chapterhouse Access
6. Lost Messenger (Optional)
7. Grael's Summoning Chamber


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. After speaking with the Grand Knight, talk to Old Lascare at 87.9N, 55.4W.
  2. Use Old Lascare's Journal inside his cottage to get more background information.
  3. Enter the nearby Cannibal Caverns at 88.0N 58.5W.
  4. Keep heading south, south and again south through a series of rooms and corridors.
  5. After a ramp down, you will find the Page from a Journal on the floor in a corridor (pickup is optional/lore).
  6. Go further down the dungeon, until you spot Atavistic Fiuns, and deeper down, Cannibal Fiun.
  7. Kill them until one of them drops a Maddened Fiun Heart.
  8. Return to the Grand Knight at 70.0N 62.5W, and hand him the heart to receive your rewards. Hand the Hero of Sanamar Token back for your title reward.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Cannibal Caverns 88.0N, 58.5W -- 0022


Give Maddened Fiun Heart to the Grand Knight
Experience: 900,000 (Fixed)
Titles: Hero of Sanamar



Opening Dialog

Grand Knight tells you, "Well, it seems you may be worthy of royal service after all. Looking for more work, are you? There is one sensitive mission which you could undertake for us..."

Grand Knight tells you, "The Red Bull of Sanamar, which you see at the center of town, has been sick for some time. We don't know how to cure it! The only man who might is the bull's old caretaker, a man named Lascare. Well, he left town some time ago. All we know is that he lives off by himself on a lonely hilltop on the island to the northeast. Seek him out, please, and figure out a way to cure the bull!"
Old Lascare

Old Lascare tells you, "Oh, so the old Grand Knight sent you here, eh? I figured that brute would need my help eventually. That bull has an ugly secret - so ugly I dare not speak it, ha ha! The answer to your problems lies in the Cannibal Caverns, 88.0N, 58.5W. You can figure the rest out if you read my journal."
Handing in Maddened Fiun Heart to Old Lascare

You give Old Lascare Maddened Fiun Heart.

Old Lascare tells you, "Oh, mother! I swore I'd never touch one of those nasty things again. You can just take that directly to the Grand Knight himself for all I care."

Old Lascare gives you Maddened Fiun Heart.
Handing in Maddened Fiun Heart to Grand Knight

You give Grand Knight Maddened Fiun Heart.

Grand Knight tells you, "Ah, this... heart is the key to the bull's health? Very well. This gives me much to think on. I thank you for your service. You are not the first to bloody your hands in the King's service."

Grand Knight gives you Hero of Sanamar Token.

Grand Knight gives you Medallion of the Red Bull.

You've earned 900,000 experience.

Grand Knight tells you, "If you seek to serve the King further, speak with Garmasi."
Handing in Hero of Sanamar Token to the Grand Knight

You give Grand Knight Hero of Sanamar Token.

Grand Knight tells you, "Your dedication to our King is commendable, and greatly to be praised. I will make it known that you have served us well."

Grand Knight tells you, "You have proven yourself to me. Should you seek to further serve your King, speak with Garmasi. He will know of your loyalty."

Update History

Throne of Destiny

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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