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Aluvian Realm

Holtburg - Starting town. Lytelthorpe - Starting town. Rithwic - Starting town.
Arwic Cragstone - Capital. Dryreach
Eastham Fort Tethana Glenden Wood
Plateau Village Stonehold Underground City

Sho Nation

Nanto - Starting town. Shoushi - Starting Town. Yanshi - Starting town.
Baishi Hebian-To - Capital. Kara
Lin Mayoi Sawato
Tou-Tou Wei Jhou

Gharu'ndim Kingdom

Al-Arqas - Starting town. Samsur - Starting town. Yaraq - Starting Town.
Al-Jalima Khayyaban Qalaba'r
Tufa Uziz Zaikhal - Capital.

Independent/Other Towns

Bandit Castle Beach Fort Crater Lake Village
Neydisa Castle


Quest Items

Quest Armor

Bandit Shield Icon.png Bandit ShieldBranith's Shirt Icon.png Branith's ShirtFiery Shield Icon.png Fiery ShieldGreen Mire Yoroi Cuirass Icon.png Green Mire Yoroi CuirassMetal Round Shield Icon.png Metal Round ShieldPlatemail Hauberk of the Ogre Icon.png Platemail Hauberk of the OgreSuperior Helmet Icon.png Superior HelmetSuperior Shield Icon.png Superior ShieldTrothyr's Shield Icon.png Trothyr's Shield

Quest Weapons

Abmim's Jambiya Icon.png Abmim's JambiyaAcid Axe Icon.png Acid AxeBranith's Staff Icon.png Branith's StaffBrogord's Axe Icon.png Brogord's AxeDagger of Tikola Icon.png Dagger of TikolaDull Dagger Icon.png Dull DaggerEnchanted Fire Arrow Icon.png Enchanted Fire ArrowFire Spear Icon.png Fire SpearGertarh's Dagger Icon.png Gertarh's DaggerGreen Mire Yari Icon.png Green Mire YariHammer of Lightning Icon.png Hammer of LightningIce Tachi Icon.png Ice TachiLilitha's Bow Icon.png Lilitha's BowLilitha's Arrows Icon.png Lilitha's ArrowsLou Ka's Yaoji Icon.png Lou Ka's YaojiOverlord's Sword Icon.png Overlord's SwordQuarter Staff of Fire Icon.png Quarter Staff of FireRusted Knife Icon.png Rusted KnifeSword of Lost Light (Retired, No Infusions) Icon.png Sword of Lost Light (Retired, No Infusions)Tibri's Fire Spear Icon.png Tibri's Fire SpearTrothyr's War Hammer Icon.png Trothyr's War Hammer

Crafted Items

Crafted Armor

Armoredillo Hide Bracers Icon.png Armoredillo Hide BracersArmoredillo Hide Breastplate Icon.png Armoredillo Hide BreastplateArmoredillo Hide Coat Icon.png Armoredillo Hide CoatGromnie Hide Cuirass Icon.png Gromnie Hide CuirassGromnie Hide Pauldrons Icon.png Gromnie Hide PauldronsGromnie Hide Shirt Icon.png Gromnie Hide ShirtMattekar Hide Coat Icon.png Mattekar Hide CoatMattekar Hide Sleeves Icon.png Mattekar Hide SleevesObsidian Crown Icon.png Obsidian CrownOlthoi Helm Icon.png Olthoi HelmReedshark Hide Greaves Icon.png Reedshark Hide GreavesReedshark Hide Leggings Icon.png Reedshark Hide Leggings

Crafted Weapons

Auroch Horn Spear Icon.png Auroch Horn SpearAsh Tooth Dagger Icon.png Ash Tooth DaggerGolem Jo Icon.png Golem JoGolem Mace Icon.png Golem MaceOlthoi Sword Icon.png Olthoi SwordIvory Tooth Dart Icon.png Ivory Tooth DartJade Tooth Quarrel Icon.png Jade Tooth QuarrelSwamp Tooth Arrow Icon.png Swamp Tooth ArrowSpine Axe Icon.png Spine AxeOrb of Black Fire Icon.png Orb of Black FireWand of Black Fire Icon.png Wand of Black FireWhite Virindi Wand Icon.png White Virindi Wand

Other Crafted Items

Blue Gem Icon.png Blue GemRed Gem Icon.png Red GemDull Gem Icon.png Dull GemGem of Black Fire Icon.png Gem of Black FireObsidian Ring Icon.png Obsidian RingPotion of Black Fire Icon.png Potion of Black Fire

Store-bought Items

Store-bought Leather Armor

Leather Basinet Icon.png Leather BasinetLeather Boots Icon.png Leather BootsLeather Bracers Icon.png Leather BracersLeather Breastplate Icon.png Leather BreastplateLeather Cap Icon.png Leather CapLeather Coat Icon.png Leather CoatLeather Cowl Icon.png Leather CowlLeather Cuirass Icon.png Leather CuirassLeather Gauntlets Icon.png Leather GauntletsLeather Girth Icon.png Leather GirthLeather Greaves Icon.png Leather GreavesLeather Leggings Icon.png Leather LeggingsLeather Pauldrons Icon.png Leather PauldronsLeather Shirt Icon.png Leather ShirtLeather Sleeves Icon.png Leather Sleeves

Studded Leather Basinet Icon.png Studded Leather BasinetStudded Leather Boots Icon.png Studded Leather BootsStudded Leather Bracers Icon.png Studded Leather BracersStudded Leather Breastplate Icon.png Studded Leather BreastplateStudded Leather Coat Icon.png Studded Leather CoatStudded Leather Cowl Icon.png Studded Leather CowlStudded Leather Cuirass Icon.png Studded Leather CuirassStudded Leather Gauntlets Icon.png Studded Leather GauntletsStudded Leather Girth Icon.png Studded Leather GirthStudded Leather Greaves Icon.png Studded Leather GreavesStudded Leather Leggings Icon.png Studded Leather LeggingsStudded Leather Pauldrons Icon.png Studded Leather PauldronsStudded Leather Shirt Icon.png Studded Leather ShirtStudded Leather Sleeves Icon.png Studded Leather Sleeves

Store-bought Chainmail Armor

Chainmail Basinet Icon.png Chainmail BasinetChainmail Bracers Icon.png Chainmail BracersChainmail Breastplate Icon.png Chainmail BreastplateChainmail Coif Icon.png Chainmail CoifChainmail Gauntlets Icon.png Chainmail GauntletsChainmail Girth Icon.png Chainmail GirthChainmail Greaves Icon.png Chainmail GreavesChainmail Leggings Icon.png Chainmail LeggingsChainmail Pauldrons Icon.png Chainmail PauldronsChainmail Shirt Icon.png Chainmail ShirtChainmail Sleeves Icon.png Chainmail Sleeves

Store-bought Platemail Armor

Platemail Breastplate Icon.png Platemail BreastplatePlatemail Gauntlets Icon.png Platemail GauntletsPlatemail Girth Icon.png Platemail GirthPlatemail Greaves Icon.png Platemail GreavesPlatemail Leggings Icon.png Platemail LeggingsPlatemail Pauldrons Icon.png Platemail PauldronsPlatemail Vambraces Icon.png Platemail Vambraces

Store-bought Scalemail Armor

Scalemail Basinet Icon.png Scalemail BasinetScalemail Bracers Icon.png Scalemail BracersScalemail Breastplate Icon.png Scalemail BreastplateScalemail Cuirass Icon.png Scalemail CuirassScalemail Gauntlets Icon.png Scalemail GauntletsScalemail Girth Icon.png Scalemail GirthScalemail Greaves Icon.png Scalemail GreavesScalemail Hauberk Icon.png Scalemail HauberkScalemail Leggings Icon.png Scalemail LeggingsScalemail Pauldrons Icon.png Scalemail PauldronsScalemail Shirt Icon.png Scalemail Shirt

Store-bought Yoroi Armor

Kote Icon.png KoteYoroi Breastplate Icon.png Yoroi BreastplateYoroi Cuirass Icon.png Yoroi CuirassYoroi Girth Icon.png Yoroi GirthYoroi Greaves Icon.png Yoroi GreavesYoroi Leggings Icon.png Yoroi LeggingsYoroi Pauldrons Icon.png Yoroi PauldronsYoroi Sleeves Icon.png Yoroi Sleeves

Store-bought Bows

Longbow Icon.png LongbowNayin Icon.png NayinShortbow Icon.png ShortbowShouyumi Icon.png ShouyumiYag Icon.png YagYumi Icon.png Yumi

Store-bought Crossbows

Heavy Crossbow Icon.png Heavy CrossbowLight Crossbow Icon.png Light Crossbow

Store-bought Thrown Weapons

Djarid Icon.png DjaridJavelin Icon.png JavelinShouken Icon.png ShoukenThrowing Axe Icon.png Throwing AxeThrowing Club Icon.png Throwing ClubThrowing Dagger Icon.png Throwing DaggerThrowing Dart Icon.png Throwing Dart

Store-bought Axes

Battle Axe Icon.png Battle AxeHand Axe Icon.png Hand AxeOno Icon.png OnoShou-ono Icon.png Shou-onoSilifi Icon.png SilifiTungi Icon.png TungiWar Hammer Icon.png War Hammer

Store-bought Daggers

Dagger (Weapon) Icon.png Dagger (Weapon)Khanjar Icon.png KhanjarJambiya Icon.png JambiyaKnife Icon.png Knife

Store-bought Maces

Club Icon.png ClubDabus Icon.png DabusJitte Icon.png JitteKasrullah Icon.png KasrullahMace (Weapon) Icon.png Mace (Weapon)Morning Star Icon.png Morning StarTofun Icon.png TofunTorch Icon.png Torch

Store-bought Spears

Budiaq Icon.png BudiaqSpear (Weapon) Icon.png Spear (Weapon)Yari Icon.png Yari

Store-bought Spears

Jo Icon.png JoNabut Icon.png NabutQuarter Staff Icon.png Quarter Staff

Store-bought Swords

Broad Sword Icon.png Broad SwordKaskara Icon.png KaskaraKen Icon.png KenLong Sword Icon.png Long SwordScimitar Icon.png ScimitarShamshir Icon.png ShamshirShort Sword Icon.png Short SwordSimi Icon.png SimiTakuba Icon.png TakubaTachi Icon.png TachiYaoji Icon.png Yaoji

Store-bought Unarmed Combat Weapons

Cestus Icon.png CestusKatar Icon.png KatarNekode Icon.png Nekode


Armoredillo Icon.png Armoredillo

Auroch Icon.png Auroch

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Cow Icon.png Cow

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Fire Elemental Icon.png Fire Elemental

Golem Icon.png Golem

Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie

Knathtead Icon.png Knathtead

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar

Mite Icon.png Mite

Monouga Icon.png Monouga

Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Phyntos Wasp Icon.png Phyntos Wasp

Rabbit Icon.png Rabbit

Rat Icon.png Rat

Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark

Sclavus Icon.png Sclavus

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Shallows Shark Icon.png Shallows Shark

Shreth Icon.png Shreth

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Target Icon.png Target

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Tusker Icon.png Tusker

Undead Icon.png Undead

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

Zefir Icon.png Zefir

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