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November 2006 - Announcements Page

Game Changes

  • A new augmentation has been added to the game which will allow players who did not have the opportunity to purchase the Pre Order gem a chance to get an 8% health bonus gem. This new augmentation will not stack with the existing pre order gem.
  • Several new items that can be turned in for Writs of Refuge have been added to the game. Make sure and speak to Agents of the Arcanum to get the updated list of items.
  • New Heritage Masks have been added to the game for all playable races.
  • Mansion owners can now hook two more casting devices as well as two more portal devises.

New Quests

Updated Quests

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

New Items

Virindi Desecrator Mask Icon Virindi Desecrator MaskKarlun's Visage Icon Karlun's VisageMask of the Malik Icon Mask of the MalikThe Dragon of Power Icon The Dragon of PowerThe Helm of the Golden Flame Icon The Helm of the Golden Flame Corpse of Ainea Besu Icon Corpse of Ainea Besu Asheron's Lesser Benediction Icon Asheron's Lesser BenedictionGem of Balance Icon Gem of Balance Mystical Mug Icon Mystical MugThrough the Portal Years Icon Through the Portal Years Messenger's Collar Icon Messenger's Collar Altar of Urdhinivix Icon Altar of UrdhinivixFalatacot Trap Icon Falatacot TrapWailing Statue Icon Wailing StatueTanada Shrine of Breath Icon Tanada Shrine of BreathTanada Shrine of Storms Icon Tanada Shrine of StormsTanada Shrine of Wind Icon Tanada Shrine of Wind Sacrificial Knife Icon Sacrificial KnifeSacrificial Goblet Icon Sacrificial GobletFilled Sacrificial Goblet Icon Filled Sacrificial GobletEnlightened Master's Medallion Icon Enlightened Master's MedallionFragment of Yaja's Arm Icon Fragment of Yaja's ArmMedallion of Breath Icon Medallion of BreathMedallion of Storms Icon Medallion of StormsMedallion of Wind Icon Medallion of WindUlgrim's Contest Mug Icon Ulgrim's Contest Mug Explorer's Journal Icon Explorer's JournalText Icon Book Soul Hunter's OrdersSoul Hunter's Untranslated Orders Icon Soul Hunter's Untranslated OrdersText Icon Book Copy of Soul Hunter's OrdersText Icon Blue Letter A Strange Swamp TempleFalatacot Tome (Messenger's Collar) Icon Falatacot Tome (Messenger's Collar)Text Icon Book The Rise and Fall of the TanadaWords of the High Matriarch Icon Words of the High Matriarch Ancient Empyrean Trinket Icon Ancient Empyrean TrinketAncient Falatacot Trinket Icon Ancient Falatacot Trinket

Updated Items

New Titles

New Creatures

Burun Icon Burun

Human Icon Human

Sclavus Icon Sclavus

Undead Icon Undead

New Dialog

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "The Explorer Society has reported finding a Strange Temple that seems to have recently risen in the Direlands Swamps."

Town Crier tells you, "Le-Ai Rea has finally caught on that the Focusing Stone is worth something, and it only took him five years."

Town Crier tells you, "There have been disturbing whispers about a strange temple in Blackmire Swamp that demands a blood sacrifice from all entrants..."

Town Crier tells you, "I'm really starting to worry about Asheron. It's not like him to be gone so long."

Town Crier tells you, "My witless cousin was found stumbling around Ayan Baqur the other day. He was so inebriated he could barely speak. It seems he challenged Ulgrim to a Drinking Contest. The fool, he's lucky to be alive."

Town Crier tells you, "There are rumors that there is some kind of home facility for those Nanjou Shou-Jen in the southern mountains."

Town Crier tells you, "The Arcanum has asked that any Empyrean or Falatacot Trinkets found be turned in to them. People are speculating that some creatures unearthed a very old hoard of the objects. They have been turning up in some dangerous areas lately. The Arcanum is prepared to reward Writs of Refuge for your cooperation."

Town Crier tells you, "The Mask Makers put their heads together to create new Heritage Regalia!"

Town Crier tells you, "The Explorer Society has enlisted the help of a member based in Ayan Baqur to investigate those Strange Temples in the Direlands Swamps."

Town Crier tells you, "I thought the note we found in Asheron's Sanctum said that he would return soon. He's been gone an awfully long time now."

Town Crier tells you, "The Mask Makers have figured out how to craft Virindi Desecrator Masks into a new set of Heritage Regalia. Bring one to your favorite Mask Maker today!"

Town Crier tells you, "I have heard that there is some mysterious entity in the swamps of Blackmire called the Soul Hunter who may be involved with Asheron's long absence from Dereth... There is some kind of tracker in Sawato who is investigating that."

Town Crier tells you, "My friend just told me. The Department of Fish and Games has announced that the High Stakes Gamemasters at the three houses of chance will be taking the recently discovered Empyrean and Falatacot Trinkets in exchange for a spin of the Wheel of Knowledge. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

Town Crier tells you, "You know who'd probably be very good at working with shadow-tainted items? Sarkin Killcrane."

Town Crier tells you, "Word is that some intrepid explorers have uncovered the Tanada training school in the southern mountains... Speak with Sayuji Jina in Shoushi to learn more."

Town Crier tells you, "I didn't know Piersanti Linante had a brother. And he's on the other side of the civil war, too. I've heard he does an augmentation which creates a gem similar to Asheron's Benediction."
Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Free Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Can I ask you a favor? I had a store of my best steins broken into by those troublesome golems on my island. If you find the time could you go and try to recover one for me?"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Empyrean Trinkets? Oh you mean those balls. I didn't know that Empyreans had balls. I wouldn't call them trinkets even if they did."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "The newfound ease of getting items to keep my rent paid has given me all this extra free time. I decided to spend my spare time drinking. I know, I know, you were hoping I'd go into acting or writing or something, but I always say, do what you love, so here I am."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So there are new masks available. I hear tell that the Viamontians are making their own masks. I was going to make a mask that looks like Varicci, but I ran out of material before I could finish the forehead. Boy, that guy's got a huge forehead. It's big enough to call a fivehead."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Yeah, I heard that people are visiting the Mines of Despair again, and I'm a little curious to check it out, but that name is so depressing. Come around again when they've been renamed the Mines of Stout or the Mines of Very Rare Ribeye Steak With Horseradish on the Side, and then I'll swing by for a visit."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Well, the Night Club shut its doors again. I hear tell that the Virindi in the next dungeon over called in enough noise complaints to get their portal license revoked. That's just what I heard, though."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I noticed this really handsome woman in one of the Explorer outfits talking to Berkholt the other day. She was kind of blurry the way people get midday, but I could tell she was a looker. Anyway she passed him some notes and hurried out of town heading east. I'm pretty sure she was into me. She avoided looking at me when she left and that's a sure sign. Lots of ladies love the Ulgrim."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "The Tanada compare their fighting style to the movement of air, and refer to their methods of fighting with melee weapons, bows, and magic as the Ways of Storms, Wind, and Breath. I have an air-based fighting style that is guaranteed to defeat theirs, but I am too much of a gentleman to use it in front of you.

Stout Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Ha! Yeah, go ahead, challenge me to a drinking contest, I dare ya! I drank Ben Ten under the table, and she cheated! I drank Oswald under the table, even though his beer kept disappearing mysteriously without him having seemed to drink it! I beat them all, and I'll beat you, you overeager whippersnapper!"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Brrrr! It's getting cooler every day now. Does the sky look kind of snowy to you? Nah, not yet, soon though. I can feel it in my rumticker. That's my weather predicting bone."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I hear tell there was an Undead impersonating me, and saying all sorts of outrageous, off-the-wall things. The nerve! Sullying my hard-earned reputation for truth like that! I'm so offended, it's driven me to drink!"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "If you can find one of my stolen Steins on those meddlesome golems on my island I'll allow you to challenge me to a Drinking Contest. Don't expect to win though, I've been training for quite some time."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Where in the world is Asheron Realadain? I think he might have gone to some resort world where he can get away from flying demons bent on world domination. Yep, I bet he's got his feet up and he's sipping some sweet native brew. Hey! Why didn't he ask me to go with him?!!! I thought we were buddies! I hope he gets a sunburn."

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