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Renegade Quests
Carved Gemstone Lockpick - Chorizite Veined Shield - Coarse Hide Shirt and Distilled Mana Potions
Ornate Tumerok Breastplate and Horned Lugian Helm - Renegade Bone Charm - Renegade Herbal Kits

Renegade in Asheron's Call usually refers to a group of Lugians and Tumeroks that have rebeled against their former masters the Virindi. They have since claimed many forts, caves, and other points of interest in the Direlands for themselves. They even constructed a giant fortress on the northern edge of the Valley of Death. However, they have yet to succeed in their ultimate goal, the take over of Fort Tethana.

During the Burun story arc, they were allied with the Burun Ruuk, although it the Burun were only using them to gain power. In the Defense of Zaikhal quest from Throne of Destiny it was revealed in the note Viamontian Reconnaissance that the renegade Gotrok Lugians helped the Viamontian Invaders. However, nothing further ever came from this alliance.