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Renegade Living Weapons
Level: 120
Type: Solo
Starts At: Renegade Fortress at 29.5S 65.6W
Route: Mansion to Lesser Direlands Device
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to upgrade one of Palenqual's Living Weapons.

  • If you plan to solo this, and run through, a tinked up cov shield might come in handy because of all the rocks flying.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Enter the Renegade Fortress (120+) at 29.5S 65.6W. The portal is in the basement of the Lugian style building to the right.
  2. Run through the dungeon until you see a Renegade Elite Trooper, a very tall tumerok with 4,800 hp. Kill him and loot the Vault Key.
    1. From drop, go up the stairs, in the first large room, take E exit.
    2. Follow the corridor, in the next larger room, cross over to the opposite side into a hallway.
    3. Go up a ramp, over a bridge, next a ridge over the larger room. Follow that ridge until you can go East into the next hallway.
    4. Up another ramp, and in the next larger room, the Renegade Elite Trooper can be found.
  3. Portal recall and find the Tumerok Vault which is in a room in a dead end hallway.
    1. From drop, go up the stairs, in the first large room, take the S exit.
    2. Follow the corridor into a dead end hallway with enforced doors on both sides.
    3. The second room on the left holds the Vault.
  4. Unlock the Tumerok Vault with the Vault Key and loot the Ritual Spear.
  5. Run back up through the dungeon past where you found the Elite Trooper till you come to a big open room with a surface portal. In that room behind a door is the Living Vault.
    1. After the Elite Trooper, you will have to go through a series of large rooms and up large ramps. Some ramps it is safe to hide behind until the spawn quiets down.
    2. Through another corridor and a few doors.
    3. Next there will be another corridor with side rooms and enforced doors.
    4. The last doors on left and right will lead to the large room.
    5. On top of a plateau is the exit portal. Under the plateau is the Living Vault.
    6. The Vault is behind a door, access the room from the left side, otherwise you are looking at the back of the Vault. You might want to close the door behind you to be able to open the vault without being hammered on.
  6. Open it with the Ritual Spear and loot the .
  7. Apply the Oil Soaked Totem to any of the Living Weapons to upgrade them to Renegade Weapons.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Renegade Fortress (120+) 29.5S, 65.6W -- --




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Other Interactions

The oil flows over the weapon. You feel the living weapon grow stronger as it absorbs the oil.

Update History

Who Watches the Virindi?

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 20 days to 20 hours.
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