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Also simply called Renegades, this is a group of Gotrok Lugians and Hea Tumeroks who have abandoned their former Virindi masters.[1]

Having fought for years, they did not wish to ally themselves with the Isparians, and instead have formed their own society, often attacking human settlements. They still continue to lay siege to Fort Tethana.[2]

First introduced in the A Time of Chaos arc, they were used again in The Shattered Coil arc, allying themselves with the Burun Ruuk. [3]

Confirmed Renegades


Early contacts with the New Directive

Early in the Portal Year area, after the discovery of Chorizite by the Lugians, the Virindi approach Lord Kresovus with an offer of vast power in exchange for Chorizite to use in their experiments. But Kresovus refuses and proposes to the council of clans that an agreement be reached with the Isparians to resist any Virindi efforts to seize the mines. Some of the clans violently disagree, the most vocal of which are the clans responsible for the mines, since they have borne the brunt of Isparian Chorizite raids. The Virindi approach these rebel clans and suggest that, in exchange for Chorizite, they will provide the rebels with a means to overthrow Lord Kresovus. These clans agree and establish a siege camp around Linvak Tukal, waiting for their Virindi allies to provide the means to breech the city's defenses.[7]

After months of delay, the Virindi allies of the rebel Lugian Raiders provide the means to breech Linvak Tukal's defenses. In a series of pitched battles, Lord Kresovus' clan and other allied clans hold off the rebel attacks. However, one rebel raiding party is able to break through the city's defenses long enough to steal sacred artifacts brought from Tuu. Isparians travelers who brave the rebel picket lines to enter Linvak Tukal are welcomed to the town by Lord Kresovus. Those Isparians who wish to help the besieged Lugians are told of the missing artifacts and eventually are able to retrieve them from the rebel encampments scattered throughout the southern mountains.[7]

During the rebellion of the New Directive, the Virindi called upon a long-standing alliance with the warlike, desert-dwelling Hea Tumeroks to cooperate in a military push against human towns.[8] With Virindi providing transportation and magical support, and the Tumeroks bringing fighting power and organization, the new alliance moved against the human capital cities of Cragstone, Hebian-To, and Zaikhal.[8]

The New Directive hoped to construct the New Singularity with three different materials. These slivers were kept within repositories all across Dereth. In the Singular Chorizite Repository the Lugian Raiders sworn to the defense of the Singularity were aided by their Virindi masters in the defense of the stockpile. [9][10]

In the course of the process of establishing the New Singularity, different Virindi factions split off from from Levistras and his group. One of these groups were the Virindi who sought to embrace the physicality of the realm, lead by The Crafter, also known as the Martinate Virindi. They managed to come to favorable arrangements with local tribes of their allies, the Renegade Tumeroks.[11][12][13][14] The Martinate Virindi contacted the Renegade Lugians for the delivery of the anti-magic material Chorozite and established and operation base in Southern Osteth.[15][16]

In the end, the Virindi were no match for Isparian strength. With the assistance of Ecorto the Lost Director, who was instigated by Candeth Martine[17], Isparians stormed the Seat of the New Singularity and slew Levistras. [18][9][19]

A Time of Chaos Story Arc

The Renegade's goal was to drive the Isparians from Dereth. The two renegade leaders, the Tumerok Niarltah and the Lugian Muldaveus, undertook many activities, including the siege on Fort Tethana[20][21] and the construction of the Renegade Fortress that should have served as their first true foothold on Dereth.[22] Since they considered their two tribes together still too weak to reach the goal of defeating the Isparians[23], they were searching for a third party to cooperate with against the Isparians, and amongst others, were trying to track down Aerbax.[24]

The Shattered Coil Story Arc

When the Burun came to Dereth, the Renegades first adapted a "wait and see" attitude, hoping that the Isparians would focus on the Burun invasion instead of the Renegade activities.[25] They decided however, to cooperate with the Burun [26][27] and Niarltah gave one of his Commanders, Commander Kamenua the order to contact the Burun.[28] Niarltah sent Ikakhe to Torgluuk as his emissary and to find out more about the Burun and their plans. Ikakhe secretly translated and copied a few Burun missives and parts of a large book that Torgluuk always carried with him, and sent these translations to Niarltah.[3]

The Burun named Torgluuk turned on Niarltah and Muldaveus, the leaders of the Tumerok and Lugian Renegades. Since that day, their whereabouts were unknown.[5] It seemed that Torgluuk killed them.[29] because they let his brother, Morgluuk, be killed.[30] However, there were several sightings of Muldaveus afterwards.[31][32]


The Gotrok and the Hea, alienated from the rulers of their kind, had proven before to be sympathetic to the cause of the Virindi New Directive and their successors, the Apostate Virindi. In the past, the predecessors of the Consul from the fallen New Directive made profitable alliance with the renegades. When the Virindi discovered the use of Aetherium for establishing a New Singularity, the Gotrok Lugians helped to direct the excavations.[33] The Gotrok were needed for their mining abilities, the Hea Tumerok recruited as a garrison to guard the mining sites. [34] [35] [36] [37] The Virindi, however, were looking at the same into the possibilities to replace the Renegade Tumeroks and Lugians with subverted Gear Knights, since they deemed the Renegades as "too unreliable". [38]

Under the guidance of the Virindi, the Hea and Gotrok became much tougher. Their weapon crafting was far advanced, their magical skills more deadly, and overall they just seemed to be breeding tougher specimens.[39]

Other References

In the Defense of Zaikhal quest from Throne of Destiny it was revealed that the renegade Gotrok Lugians helped the Viamontian Invaders. However, nothing further ever came from this alliance.[40]

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