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Rescuing Mouf P
Level: 150
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Uber P
Starts At: Isle of Ruin at 94.6N, 53.2W
Route: Fiun Outpost
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Talk to Uber P near Fiun Outpost at 94.6N, 53.2W to receive the Letter from Uber P.
  2. Optional: If you want the pet reward, give the Letter to Larinne Kerendova near Holtburg at 35.2N, 39.4E.
  3. Travel to the Frigid Grotto near Fiun Outpost at 97.1N, 51.8W.
  4. Optional: Head south at the start of the dungeon and go left. Navigate through to find an Algid Warrior, an elemental who drops keys to chests in the same room. The chests appear to contain mana forge quality loot but almost all items, including weapons, have at least one major.
  5. Head north from start of dungeon, the dungeon is more or less symmetrical with some destroyable ice walls blocking the path.
  6. After the second ice wall, you will come to a gate, to the E there is a room with perched Cowardly Snowmen. The room will do environmental damage. At the other side there is a lever to open the gate.
  7. Kill Tiny and loot Tiny's Head (only one person need to do it if in a group).
  8. On the other side of the room with Tiny, there is a Security Door and a Security Station (found by using the key).
  9. Hand the Head to the Security Station : The door will open and a Penguin Guard NPC will appear and portal out.
  10. Talk to Mouf to receive the Letter from Mouf and a 2 use Legendary Key (a very small penguin in the second room).
  11. Bring the letter back to Uber P to receive the Letter from Mouf and Uber P.
  12. Hand this letter to Mr. P at 72.8S, 93.0E, near Freehold for your rewards.
  13. Optional: Head back to the Pet Shop near Holtburg and talk to/give Larinne Kerendova the igloo for an optional reward if you completed the first optional step.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Frigid Grotto 97.1N, 51.8W -- --


Experience: 346,775,165 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 17,500
Give Pet Mouf Igloo to Larinne Kerendova
Experience: 49,539,309 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 0
Titles: none



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Opening Dialog

Uber P hops up and down with excitement. It's clear this penguin has something for you.

Uber P gives you Letter from Uber P.

You give Larinne Kerendova Letter from Uber P.

Larinne eyes the pages with a surprised look on her face. Suddenly you notice a small tear roll down her cheek.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "It has been so long since I have seen penguin writing. What a tragic tale this letter tells. Sometimes the best of intentions can lead to the saddest of conclusions."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Uber P is quite the eloquent writer, but I will try to summarize his words for you. Uber P had already lost a little brother named Mr. P to the warmth of the southern islands."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Penguins are extremely family-oriented don't you know, so when another younger sibling started showing a distaste for the cold weather Uber P feared he would lose yet another brother to the sandy beaches of the Vesayen islands."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "He thought if he could just get Mouf to spend some time with fellow cold-lovers that he would take to his natural instincts and want to remain in the frozen north with his family."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "So Uber P sent his little brother off to the Frigid Grotto, but sadly his plan backfired. Upon repeatedly hearing of Mouf's disdain for the cold, the Grotto's inhabitants refused to let little Mouf leave."

Larinne's eyes start to tear up.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Uber P realizes he made a mistake in trying to make Mouf's decisions for him. He only cares about little Mouf's happiness now. Damning him to a lifetime in the cold is something Uber P just can't live with."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Please go to this Frigid Grotto located at 97.1N, 51.8W and help free Mouf from his frozen prison."

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Be warned though, the inhabitants of the Frigid Grotto are no pushovers. Expect heavy resistance from the creatures within."

Larinne sighs.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "I bet a cute little penguin would just love to call a place like this home."

Mouf cowers as you approach. He draws a large "P" in the snow and slips a piece of paper into your pack.

Mouf gives you Letter from Mouf.

Mouf appears to be busy gathering his belongings. He looks like he is preparing to leave.
Showing Letter from Mouf to Larinne Kerendova

You allow Larinne Kerendova to examine your Letter from Mouf.

Larinne glances at the letter and hands it back to you.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "You should bring this to Uber P right away. He will want to see this as soon as possible!"
Giving Letter from Mouf to Uber P

You give Uber P Letter from Mouf.

Uber P looks at the letter and hops up and down with excitement. He stops after a moment and looks at the ground sadly.

He draws a detailed map in the snow that you recognize as MacNiall's Freehold and slips a letter into your pack.

Uber P gives you Letter from Mouf and Uber P."
Showing Letter from Mouf and Uber P to Larinne Kerendova

You allow Larinne Kerendova to examine your Letter from Mouf and Uber P.

Larinne reads the letter and starts to smile.

Larinne Kerendova tells you, "Please bring this to Mr. P in MacNiall's Freehold. It warms my heart to read such a happy ending."
Rewards Dialog

You hand over 1 of your Letter from Mouf and Uber Ps.

Mr. P looks at the letter and hops up and down with excitement. You don't know what the letter said, but you can see the happiness on Mr. P's face."

Mr. P gives you Pet Mouf Igloo.

You've earned 346,775,165 experience.

You've earned 17,500 Luminance.

Mr. P gives you 2 Legendary Keys."
Other Interactions

You give Security Station Tiny's Head.

You hold the head of Tiny up to the Security Station window. Seeing a face he recognizes, the guard opens the door.

The Penguin Guard sees the severed head of Tiny in your hand. His eyes widen with fear and he quickly flees through portalspace!

Update History

Soulless Sisters

  • Quest introduced.

Balance of Power

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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