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Research Chamber
Quests Halls of Knorr
Restrictions Level: 60
Tieable: No
Recallable: No
Summonable: No
Coordinates Knorr Portal Gem
Nearest LS N/A
Route by Seat of Knorr
Map Files: ACMaps Map
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No Dereth Map available


Message when entering:

"This area has been deemed passable by Arikas, Warden of the Seat of Knorr. Conveyance shall commence instantly. Be warned there are dangers from the life forms catalogued Olthoi within this section of the Lyceum."
  • The Olthoi here are on a very fast spawn
  • There is a "secret" passage to an olthoi section behind a bookcase. You can reach it by the broken-through passage in the room with the Green orb. After jumping pit after pit, you will end up deep in the dungeon with lots of Olthoi Eggs and what seems like a left-over Queen Tail Carapace
The tunnel is collapsed here. But from cursory examination it is obvious that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tiny pincers broke their way through the walls of this long standing facility. The tunnel seems to have collapsed behind whatever crew made their way through the walls.


Unmapped Dungeons


  • None


Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Items and Objects



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