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Resting Place Quest
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Resting Place
Route: Resting Place Portal Gem
Repeat: 20 Hours


Short quest for 2 housing items and a title. Large groups of magic casting Undead are found in the Resting Place. If you die there you will need another gem to get back.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Go north to the third intersection and go left, in the next room is a lever. Pull the lever and continue west. Stick to the right wall and you'll eventually come to another lever. Pull it and back track to that third intersection and go north.
  2. In this room is the Ward of the Retreat who drops the Grave Robber Title Token. On the ground is a Coffin that can be take and used as a house decoration.
  3. If you also want the Map of Auberean pull the lever in the north corner and go south. Stick to the left wall for a very long ways until you go up some spiral stairs. The map is in the room just past there.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Resting Place ?? -- 614C


Give Grave Robber Title Token to a Bestower Examiner
Titles: Grave Robber


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Handing in Grave Robber Title Token to Eluard the Namer

You give Eluard the Namer Grave Robber Title Token.

Eluard the Namer tells you, "This token only proves that you're a grave robber. Are you sure you want everyone to know that?

Eluard the Namer tells you, "Well, ok, it's your life."

Attention, all! Let it be known that [Player Name] has proven to be a low down good for nothing Grave Robber!

Update History[]

Treaties in Stone

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.