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Vacari Eipoth Torethis Eipoth

The fourth age of the Yalaini. Rhethis Eipoth translates to First Age of Lore. This era lasted 895 years.[1][2]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
RE 1 Yalain

Emperor Kellin I declares the beginning of the Rhethis Eipoth with the end of the Black Rains.[1][3]

[Editor's Note: The History of Auberean states that Caelin I declared the beginning of the Rhethis Eipoth. For more information, see Continuity - Kellin I and Caerlin I]

RE 208 Yalain

Shimena Keep constructed on the northeast islet of Aerlinthe, then an unnamed island. Shimena guarded the northern approaches to Ireth Lassel research colony from Pelagian sea-nomads.[3]

RE 213 Yalain

A larchess tree is planted within the walls of Shimena Keep.[3]

RE 221 Yalain

Hearing from former Shimena garrison troops of great riches on Aerlinthe, Lord Gevran Loritane of Elancia visits aboard his sailing skyship Tinoriel. He discovers great mineral wealth, and magma flows of sufficient temperature to permit the forging of mana-alloy. The enchanters Eosonn and Auriam are crushed by a magma tube cave-in when the land quakes. Without the ability to levitate Tinoriel, the ship returns to Glystenae over sea.[3]

RE 222 Yalain

Loritane sends sixteen great ocean-galleons and two skyships to Aerlinthe, carrying the supplies necessary to build a mining outpost. Lord Loritane and Lady Raina accompany the vessels in Tinoriel.

The navigation channel into the lagoon is dredged.

Reservoir dug to collect rainwater. All local water sources tainted with sulphur and ash. An Old Ring, buried under ash and ejecta, is found during the digging. It is left undisturbed, but considered a good omen.

The island is titled Aerlinthe by Lord Loritane, a name which came to him in a dream. The central volcano is known of old to be called Tenkarrdun, Dericost for “Stoic Blood.” The smaller peaks to the northwest and northeast are found to have been named Cunara (“Steaming Heights”) and Ernassen (“Land Reflected”), respectively. The lagoon is dubbed Raina's Harbor.[3]

RE 223 Yalain

Completion of the light-towers of Weretirae and Eretirae, on either side of the navigation channel on Aerlinthe.[3]

RE 225 Yalain

Tenkarrdun's forges return their first profit. Loritane and Raina return to Elancia. Lady Raina convinces Loritane to appoint master smith Hare Aralea as governor of Aerlinthe.[3]

RE 230 Yalain

His Most Dignified and Serene Majesty Emperor Kellin, seventh in the Line of Alaidain, dies. His son Delophon takes the Cerulean Throne, assuming the Imperial Name of Caerlin (“Lord of the Deep Waters”).[3]

RE 274 Gromnatross, Yalain

The Blessing of Aerlinthe. A gromnatross makes her aerie on the peaks of Cunara. She is named Aurlanaa by the people of the port.[3]

RE 313 Yalain

Expansion of the foundry of Aerlinthe; two new forges added.[3]

RE 317 Yalain

The outgassing of noxious fumes from Ernassen forces a two-month evacuation to Ireth Lassel.[3]

RE 323 Yalain

Battle of Shimena. Twenty Imperial chevairds and forty-four household troops of Loritane perish while holding at bay a raiding force of five hundred Pelagic sea-nomads, embarked in two dozen sailing vessels of war.

Battle of the Towers. Seeking revenge for the defeat at Shimena, the Pelagian band returns and attacks from the south. Mages under the direction of Aralea ascend the light-towers and pour fire down upon the decks of their ships. The Coral Golems used to keep the navigation channel clear rip the keels from their ships. The southern attack is repulsed, though sunken vessels block the channel for a month. A second landing to the west, near the reservoir, results in the looting and partial razing of the port. Over one hundred die, and many are taken captive by the sea-nomads.[3]

RE 324 Yalain

In response to the raids, Emperor Caerlin declares the port of Aerlinthe an Imperial anchorage and treasure port. Four war galleons and seven fast skysloops, for scouting and messenger duty, drop anchor in Raina's Harbor. They bring with them an additional hundred chevairds to garrison the island. Aerlinthe is acknowledged as one of the most important sources of pyreal in the Empire.[3]

RE 329 Yalain

The sailing platform-city of the sea-nomads that raided Aerlinthe in 323 is tracked and taken by the Imperial naval force. Most of the Aerlinthe captives are found enslaved in galley oarlocks.[3]

RE 331 Yalain

The Eaulinthe (“Star-Stone”) is found in the deepest crevasses of Tenkarrdun. This large diamond contains a small amount of liquid magma, kept hot and brightly shining through unknown magical means.[3]

RE 336 Yalain

Asheron Realaidain is born.[1]

RE 340 Yalain

Raina's Harbor boils. A new fumarole opens at the bottom, heating the water to scalding temperatures. The Imperial ships are anchored at Shimena while golems dig a new land outlet for the gasses, then seal the fumarole.[3]

RE 349 Yalain

Memorial Stone erected in Shimena Keep, inscribed with the names of all who died in the Pelagic raids of 323.[3]

RE 366 Dericost, Shadow, Yalain

Children begin to disappear at night in the village of Daralet in the Dericost Marches.[4]

RE 371 Shadow, Yalain

The forges of Aerlinthe begin to produce weapons designed by Lord Atlan of Knorr. Lord Loritane takes the finest axe, and has the Eaulinthe fixed upon its blade. With this weapon he joins the northern army at Planae.

Loritane disappears in the Dericost Marches, along with most of Atlan's army. Lady Raina assumes control of Loritane's house and holdings. Hare Aralea renews his oaths of fealty to the Lady in person, traveling to her castle in Glystenae via fast skyship.

Lady Raina announces she carries a child of Loritane.[3]

Atlan dies at the hands of Bael'Zharon.[1]

RE 372 Yalain

Raina gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Clari.[3]

RE 388 Shadow, Yalain

Nesortania Province overrun by the forces of the Hopeslayer. Lady Raina takes Clari and her household, and flees to the Imperial Archipelago.[3]

RE 392 Shadow, Yalain

The city of Elancia in Glystenae falls under shadow. [3]

RE 426 Yalain

Caerlin replaces the galleon Minaera, last of the original Imperial patrol squadron, with the new sailing frigate Reithyis.[3]

RE 502 Yalain

Prince Durglen Realaidain, son of the Emperor, announces that he will take the hand of Clari Loritane, Mistress of Aerlinthe, and walk by her side into darkness or dawn.[3]

RE 507 Yalain

Prince Durglen joins hands with Mistress Clari in the Iphvircae Cliffs Cathedral.[3]

RE 567 Yalain

A large colony of mulardil are discovered in the Naarcaerel Reef by the fisher-woman Julitaen, a poor resident of the harbor tempest floats. She is titled mistress of the mular-pearl harvest by Hare Aralea, and hires all the other residents of the floats.[3]

RE 686 Yalain

Caerlin's “Council of Five” is convened.[1]

RE 886 Yalain

Ejan Aralae, son of Hare, succeeds his father as master smith and governor of Aerlinthe.[3]

RE 893 Shadow, Yalain

Emperor Caerlin is brushed by Black Madness in battle, and becomes leprous with Ayai Heauviri.*
(* Translator's note: Ayai is Empyrean for “burning.” Heauviri, literally means “high-thought-wind.” This may be the Yalain equivalent of “soul.” Based on context, which suggest disease and decay, I would judge our closest translation of Ayai Heauviri to be “the Soulburn Plague.” - Bretslef)[3]

RE 895 Gromnatross, Shadow, Yalain

Aurlanaa leaves her aerie on the peak of Cunara. She meets several other gromnatross south of Aerlinthe, and they ascend, disappearing into the heavens. No gromnatross are seen on Auberean for twenty-two years.

Severe lightning-storms and strange glows come over the southeast waters. The population is evacuated to the west.

Darkness falls upon the shores of Ireth Lassel. A vast reach of Black Madness and fifteen Thorns accompany the Hopeslayer, his generals, and their army.

Darkness defeated. The Hopeslayer is entrapped in the mage council's array. The explosive power released destroys the Jailne Lyceum, kills the entire council, and shatters the array into pieces. One piece lands on Aerlinthe, but is recovered before it can dig itself into the ground. With the defeat of the Hopeslayer, the Rhethis Eipoth (Era of Lore) is concluded by decree of Emperor Caerlin. The Torethis Eipoth (Second Era of Lore) is declared.[3]


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