Introduced:  Old Ghosts Related Quests:  Ries Woron's Story
Ries Woron
Ries Woron Live
Race Human
Location Baishi - 49.5S, 62.7E, top floor
Level 300
Strength 240
Endurance 220
Coordination 190
Quickness 200
Focus 140
Self 160
Health 180
Stamina 320
Mana 180


Lore & Dialog

Ries Woron tells you, "Thank you for helping to beat off these thugs."
Ries Woron tells you, "Unfortunately they have made off with my wife so I may have to call on your assistance then."
Ries Woron tells you, "Did I reward you?"
Ries Woron tells you, "I will."

Ries Woron tells you, "I wasn't in time before they took my wife, I must find where they took her."

You allow Ries Woron to examine your Helm of Darkness.
You hand over 1 of your Helm of Darknesss.
Ries Woron gives you Helm of Darkness.

Ries Woron tells you, "I don't see what the complaining is about, this armor looks fine to me. I think people were making trouble for the sake of making trouble."

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