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Introduced:  To Raise a Banner of Flame Related Quests:  Lady Aerfalle Quest
Ring of the Watchman
Ring of the Watchman Icon.png


  • Dropped by Relic Watchman.
  • Watchman only spawns during a specific part of the quest.

Update History

From the Darkness Born

  • Item Enchantment Mastery Other V, Mana Conversion Mastery Other V, Creature Enchantment Mastery Other V added.
  • Person Attunement Other IV, Deception Mastery Other IV removed.
  • Mana increased from 374 to 400.
  • Value increased from 3,798 to 4,500.
  • Creature Enchantment restriction increased from 170 to 200.
  • Arcane Lore restriction reduced from 150 to 50.