Riordin Nightbane
Non-Player Killer
Riordin Nightbane Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Shadow Hunter
Location 61.9S 51.5W in Wai Jhou
Level 90
Strength 215
Endurance 140
Coordination 215
Quickness 180
Focus 110
Self 115
Health 200
Stamina 270
Mana 200


Lore & Dialog

Riordin Nightbane tells you, "I have been brought here to assist Sarkin Killcrane in the collection of the Frozen Black Crystals he has been receiving from adventurers as of late. If you wish to try to retrieve one of these crystals for us, I have heard that they can be found on a Mukkir named Targor. Targor seems to be a part of an ongoing conflict between the Raven Hand and a group of Shadows up around 68.4N, 66.6E."
Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Also, there have been reports of Shadows and Raven Hand Cultists erecting statues to the Hopeslayer in what people refer to as the 'Valley of Death'."
Riordin Nightbane tells you, "If you find any small idols or some such in their possession, my colleagues in the Knighthood would be interested in studying them. I'd say, three of them, total, would be enough to allow them to magically study them for information."

See: Shadow Statues quest

Give three Small Shadow Statues of the Hopeslayer to Riordin Nightbane to get 20% xp (37,456,440 max).

  • First two statues turned in:
    You give Riordin Nightbane Small Shadow Statue of the Hopeslayer.
    Riordin Nightbane looks over the statue, with a dark look on his face.

    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Disgusting little things, aren't they?"
    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Not quite a set of three yet. Hand me another statue, if you have one on you, or go get more. I'llneed a set of three to send off."
    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Sorry, not my decision, it's what they requested of me. On the third statue, I'll reward you for your efforts."
  • Third Statue:
    You give Riordin Nightbane Small Shadow Statue of the Hopeslayer.
    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "The final statue requested, wonderful. With these three statues, my colleagues should be able to figure out what those shadows and their Raven Hand helpers are up to in the Valley. These three should hold them for a while, about a week if I had to guess. If you find any more of these statues before then, however, I'll pay you in good, old fashioned Trade Notes for them."
    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Now, for the reward both promised to you, and rightly earned."

    You've earned 37,456,440 experience.
  • Further Statues turned in before the week timer expires will get you an M note rather than xp:
    You give Riordin Nightbane Small Shadow Statue of the Hopeslayer.
    Riordin Nightbane tells you, "Another Shadow Statue, wonderful. I don't know if I should be pleased that we have more subjects for research, or horrified that you find these so readily available. Here, allow me to pay you for this one."
    Riordin Nightbane gives you Trade Note (100,000).
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