"Rithwic was first settled in 7 PY near a ford of the River Prosper, just downstream from Lake Blessed. It once stood on the edge of the Aluvian lands, but the frontier later moved south to Dryreach and southwest to Lytelthorpe. It was once an arrival point of new Aluvians from Ispar, however near the end of 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Martine destroyed Rithwic's two arrival outposts, along with the outposts in five other towns. " --Town Network Sign

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  • Rithwic is an Aluvian town on the southern end of Lake Blessed where the waters of the River Prosper narrow. It is at a major intersection of roads. The road to the southwest leads to Lytelthorpe. The western road leading north goes to Cragstone. The eastern road leading north goes to Eastham. And the eastern road leading south goes to Dryreach.
  • Rithwic was one of the original starter towns until Martine destroyed the arrival points at the east and south outposts. Rithwic was the original home of one of the Lugian gem sellers, but he has since moved to Holtburg. In the center of town there is a portal leading to the once hidden underground town Martine's Retreat.

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To Rithwic

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Aluvian (North) Rithwic 10.8N, 59.3E None

From Rithwic

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Rithwic 10.5N, 58.3E Town Network -- None

Settlement Portals

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Rithwic 8.7N, 60.9E East Rithwic Estates 10.4N, 66.3E None
Rithwic 8.8N, 60.9E Gaerwel Edge Settlement 6.3N, 62.9E None
Rithwic 8.9N, 60.9E Glystaene Cottages 64.1N, 29.6E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 60.8E Isparian Flame Estates 65.0N, 65.7E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 61.0E King Pwyll Square 9.6N, 36.9E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 60.9E Leafdawning Settlement 12.9N, 52.9E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 60.9E Meridian Cottages 6.7N, 54.7E None
Rithwic 8.8N, 60.9E New Cannthalo 66.5N, 57.6E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 60.8E Siege Road Settlement 0.4S, 68.2E None
Rithwic 8.8N, 60.8E Siege Road Villas 3.0N, 65.7E None
Rithwic 8.8N, 60.8E Slinker Meadows 3.2N, 60.1E None
Rithwic 8.7N, 61.0E West Rithwic Estates 11.9N, 48.1E None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
A Drudge Nest (Rithwic) 11.0N 57.5E 01D8 01D8.png 01D8
A Ruin (Rithwic) 11.5N, 55.0E 01B8 01B8.png 01B8
Dungeon Gallery Tower 10.7N, 56.8E -- 01AD
Filos' Doom 12.0N, 62.2E -- 0150
Mannikin Foundry 10.5N, 58.3E -- 545A
Martine's Retreat 10.6N, 58.3E -- 5660
Old Warehouse 8.7N, 58.1E -- 0165
Rithwic Crypt 14.0N, 59.1E 01CD 01CD.png 01CD
Stable Rift 8.0N, 50.4E -- 0290
Trothyr's Rest 10.3N, 54.9E -- 01FD


NPC Name Location Type Details
Agent of the Arcanum 10.0N, 58.4E Quest Housing
Apprentice Fletcher (Rithwic) 10.4N, 58.2E (first floor) Quest Crafter Quest
Archmage Nulsymber 10.8N, 59.3E (second floor) Shopkeeper Magical Supplies, Portal Gems
Astara Duskshield 10.3N, 58.3E Quest Spear of the Given Heart Quest
Barkeep Ricetha 10.7N, 58.2E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Food, Drink & Rumors
Brentsella 7.6N, 58.2E (south outpost) Quest Rithwic Starter Quests
Brisin the Healer 10.8N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Healing supplies
Celcynd the Dour 10.8N, 58.4E Quest Exploration Society Letters, Oswald's Dirk Quest, Rithwic Starter Quests, Water of Mount Lethe
Collector 10.6N, 58.2E Trophy Collector Collects Monster Trophies
Delton Hardor 10.7N, 59.4E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Spear of the Given Heart Quest
Dortold the Tailor 10.4N, 58.2E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Clothing
Erludd the Cur the Barkeeper 10.7N, 59.4E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Food, Drink & Rumors
Farmer (Rithwic) 10.4N, 53.5E - Rithwic Festival Grounds Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Items
Girdweld the Shopkeeper 7.6N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Basic supplies
Hydeatha the Shopkeeper 10.2N, 61.4E Shopkeeper Basic supplies
Ji Tenxien the Tailor 10.7N, 59.2E (first floor) Shopkeeper Clothing
Journeyman Scrivener of Creature Magic 10.4N, 58.4E - (second floor) Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Item Magic 10.4N, 58.4E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of Life Magic 10.4N, 58.4E - (second floor) Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Journeyman Scrivener of War Magic 10.4N, 58.4E - (first floor) Shopkeeper Level III Scrolls & Foci
Luthin the Smith 10.8N, 58.6E (first floor) Shopkeeper Chainmail, Studded Leather Armor
Mindorla 10.8N, 58.6E (east outpost) Quest Rithwic Starter Quests
Peddler (Rithwic) 9.9N, 58.5E Shopkeeper Basic supplies (Sword of Lost Light Rumors on the ground)
Ringoshu the Apple Seller 13.6N, 50.7E Shopkeeper Trothyr's Rest Key, Trothyr's Rest Rumor, Apple, Tart Apple
Roaming Bowyer (Female Aluvian) Outskirts - 11.3N 55.7E Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Roaming Bowyer (Female Aluvian) 10.4N, 53.5E - Rithwic Festival Grounds Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Royal Guard Gabrielle 10.5N, 58.2E -- --
Soldona Wotmad the Jeweler 10.8N, 59.3E (first floor) Shopkeeper Jewelery
Tackle Master 10.7N, 58.7E Quest Fishing
Trothyd Fletcher 10.5N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Missle weapons & ammunition
Urnolt the Jeweler 10.6N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Gems & Jewelery
Weaponsmith Baizai En 10.3N, 58.2E (first floor) Shopkeeper Weapons
Weary-looking Man (Rithwic) 10.7N, 59.4E Shopkeeper Dryreach Key, Dryreach Rumor
Wedding Planner 10.0N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Wedding Items
Wylreda the Scribe 10.6N, 58.4E Shopkeeper Books & Paper
Ynarre the Grocer 10.2N, 58.5E Shopkeeper Very basic supplies


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Rithwic.

Acid Elemental Icon Acid Elemental

Auroch Icon Auroch

Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Doll Icon Doll

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Grievver Icon Grievver

Gromnie Icon Gromnie

Hollow Minion Icon Hollow Minion

Lugian Icon Lugian

Mite Icon Mite

Mosswart Icon Mosswart

Niffis Icon Niffis

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Rat Icon Rat

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Shadow Icon Shadow

Shreth Icon Shreth

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Snowman Icon Snowman

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Undead Icon Undead

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

Virindi Icon Virindi

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Asheron's Call - Towns- Rithwic

Asheron's Call - Towns- Rithwic

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