Non-Player Killer
Roderick Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Bodyguard
Location inside Mite Maze
Level 167
Strength 210
Endurance 180
Coordination 180
Quickness 150
Focus 120
Self 100
Health 105
Stamina 190
Mana 115



Opening Dialog

Roderick tells you, "Harlune'll be out of here for a while - I've been asked to stay and watch over Alia. Harlune gave me instructions, though - if you've got something that ya needed to talk to him about, I can take care of it for ya."
Water of Mount Lethe

Roderick tells you, "Oh...hmm...I remember that Harlune used to ask for folks to go and deliver a message for him. Here ya go - I'll be lookin' for that history book back, and then I'll give ya the scroll."

Roderick gives you A Crabbed Note.

You allow Roderick to examine your A Crabbed Note.

Roderick tells you, "Nah...bring it to Celcynd. In Rithwic. Some people..."

Impious Staff Quest

You give Roderick Broken Staff.

Roderick tells you, "Alright...Umm...Harlune told me how to do this..."`

Roderick tells you, "Alright. Take this and go to Colier Mines."

Roderick gives you Smelting Pot.

Roderick tells you, "If ya find some ore in a wheelbarrow and ya bring it to me, I think it'll be enough to fix the staff, alright?"

You give Roderick Slag.

Roderick tells you, "Alright...let me give it a shot..."

The warrior takes a scroll out and silently reads it. Suddenly, his eyes start to glow and his voice changes.

Roderick tells you, "What are you bothering me for? More imbeciles asking to have that staff repaired? Fine. Here, just go away afterward!"

Roderick gives you Impious Staff.

You've earned 1,054,387 experience.

Roderick's eyes stop glowing and he looks around, dazed, as he pockets the scroll.

Roderick tells you, "Um...I guess that's it. I think ya better go, now. He doesn't like to be bothered."

Harlune's Diplomacy

Roderick tells you, "Hmm...Ya think ya might be interested in doin' a favor for Harlune? Ya look tough enough to survive what he has in mind."

Roderick gives you Diplomatic Message from Harlune.

Roderick tells you, "The Falatacot Matriarchs sent him a message, ya see, askin' if he'd like to ally. Well, of course he don't - the Falatacot can't be trusted one bit. So he wants to send a message back...but ya know how Harlune can be."

Roderick tells you, "Anyways, he asked me to find some volunteers to deliver the mission. He didn't tell me to mention it, but I'll be nice and mention it anyways - the Falatacot ain't gonna be happy when they read the message."

Roderick tells you, "Here, take this and bring it to Bur. One of the statues up there should lead to a new place where ya can go and deliver the message, and then ya better be ready for a fight. If ya win, bring something back to prove to me that ya won."

Roderick tells you, "Ya have the note - what are ya doin' here still? Go to Bur and find the way to deliver that note. Ya need to use a new statue to get in - it's in a place that us Isparians ain't never been to before now. Don't forget to bring back proof ya won."

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