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Rossu Morta Chapterhouse Access
Level: 100
Type: Solo
Starts With: Melaverre
Starts At: 70.0N, 62.4W near Sanamar
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Dericost Ruin Quest
2. Knights of Karlun Quest
3. Red Bull of Sanamar Quest
4. Whispering Blade Infiltration
5. Rossu Morta Chapterhouse Access
6. Lost Messenger (Optional)
7. Grael's Summoning Chamber


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Melaverre will give you an Elder Spirits Seal Fragment.
  2. Travel to Black Spear Temple Upper Levels at 68.5S, 66.1W on the Obsidian Plains.
    1. Easiest way is the Black Spawn Den Portal Device or the Dangerous Portal Device
    2. Though the entrance portal is not recallable, the surface portal is
  3. The dungeon is pretty straightforward. Run towards the end and hand your fragment to the Broken Seal of the Elder Spirits.
    • Note: if you die, run back to the dungeon and use the Seal again, you do not need a second fragment.
  4. This will portal you to the lower level with Shadows.
  5. Again, there is only one way to go. Run until you come to a pit.
  6. Jump down, kill Shonossoar the Song-Keeper and loot the Shonossoar Fragment.
  7. Jump into the next pit, kill Kaihoatai the Monitor and loot the Koihoatai Fragment.
  8. Jump into the next pit, kill Parfarrail the Seer and loot the Parfarrail Fragment.
  9. Combine Shonossoar and Koihoatai fragments together to make Partial Elder Spirits Tablet.
  10. Combine the partial fragment and Parfarrail fragment together to create Elder Spirits Tablet.
  11. Return to Melaverre, and hand her the tablet for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Black Spear Temple Upper Levels 68.5S, 66.1W -- 007E


Hand the Elder Spirits Tablet to Melaverre
Experience: 9,647,000 (7% up to level 120)



Opening Dialog

Melaverre tells you, "Ah, I'm glad you came to me. I can see that you have done some dangerous and unorthodox things in the service of our King. I would ask you to do more. In the Obsidian Plains, at 68.4 S, 66.1 W, there is an ancient temple that the Order of the Raven Hand has been using as some site of worship. It is called the Black Spear Temple."

Melaverre tells you, "Within the depths of the temple complex, there is a pedestal which bears the seal of the Elder Spirits that serve the "Living Darkness" the Raven Hand is so infatuated with. The seal is broken, but I have the missing fragment. I would like you to take it and explore the levels that the cultists have not yet been able to penetrate."

Melaverre tells you, "I seek a tablet of ancient knowledge, which has been split into three pieces. The three pieces are guarded by ancient Shadows known as Shonossoar, Kaihoatai, and Parfarrail. Take the fragments from these creatures of Shadow, assemble the tablet, and bring it to me."

Melaverre gives you Elder Spirits Seal Fragment.

Melaverre tells you, "There is one thing for you to remember. I know that there are ways of concealing one's service to the King. Just know that this is a sensitive enough task that there will be no way that your involvement can be forgotten by any simple raid on the Royal Archives. However, if you do this for me, I will grant you full membership in the Ordina Rossu Morta."
Returning Dialog

Melaverre tells you, "So you've picked up the Parfarrail Fragment, have you? Combine it with the other two fragments and give me the complete tablet, if you would be so kind."
Giving the Elder Spirits Seal Fragment to the Broken Seal of the Elder Spirits

You give Broken Seal of the Elder Spirits Elder Spirits Seal Fragment.

The Elder Spirits Seal seems to acknowledge your presence when you press the missing fragment into it. It teleports you to the lower levels of the Black Spear Temple...

Broken Seal of the Elder Spirits teleports you with Lower Black Spear Temple Portal Sending.

You get the sense that, in the future, simply touching the completed seal will be enough to activate the seal's magic and transport you back into the lower levels of the temple.
Handing in Elder Spirits Tablet to Melaverre

You give Melaverre Elder Spirits Tablet.

Melaverre tells you, "A fascinating record of the mysterious Grael. Count Dardante and our King are both very interested. I thank you for your service."

You've earned 9,647,000 experience.

Melaverre gives you Ring of the Rossu Morta.

Melaverre gives you Translated Elder Spirits Tablet.
Returning Dialog

Melaverre tells you, "You've done some work for me already, haven't you? Sorry, I don't have any more deep pits of eldritch magic to push you into at the moment."

Update History

Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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