Introduced:  Shattering the Dark Related Quests:  Small Fledgling Mukkir Kill Task
Royal Guard
Non-Player Killer
Royal Guard (Small Mukkir Squasher Quest) Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Guard
Location 41.6N, 34.2E in Holtburg
32.8S, 73.3E in Shoushi
21.0S, 0.8W in Yaraq
Level 15
Strength 110
Endurance 40
Coordination 110
Quickness 40
Focus 100
Self 40
Health 40
Stamina 70
Mana 50


Lore & Dialog

Speech is the same for each guard:
Royal Guard tells you, "I have been sent by Queen Elysa to seek the aid of those willing to give it. There is a small nest of those vile Mukkir just northeast of here. If you will go thin out their number, say, kill 15 of the Small Mukkir Fledglings, I will reward you for your efforts."

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