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Royal Guard Gabrielle
Non-Player Killer
Royal Guard Gabrielle Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Guard
Location 10.5N 58.2E in Rithwic
Level 120
Strength 160
Endurance 180
Coordination 60
Quickness 60
Focus 200
Self 220
Health 215
Stamina 290
Mana 275


  • Route: Next to statue on west side of Rithwic.

Lore & Dialog[]

Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "It has come to our attention that the Lord Kresovus has managed to get a warrior into the Renegade army. According to the latest reports from High Queen Elysa this warrior is currently stationed in the Renegade Fortress in the direlands. He has earned much trust and been appointed to a position of some authority."
Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "For the past several days Captain K'rank, the lugian in charge of this operation and several other investigations for High Queen Elysa and our allies, has been waiting for a report. He fears the worst and needs our help in trying to contact the lugian spy, Toberik."
Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "We're also monitoring other situations as well: Fadsahil's old shop in the A'mun desert, the Blackmire Swamp near Yanshi, the southern border of the Blackmire Swamp heading toward Shoushi, the Direlands Swamp in what used to be the Sclavus Cathedral there, near Stonehold and along the Prosper River."
Royal Guard Gabrielle tells you, "If you can make your way to the Renegade fortress in the direlands and find this lugian I am certain that your efforts would be rewarded."