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Introduced:  Seeds of Corruption Related Quests:  T'Thuun's Marauders
Royal Scout
Non-Player Killer
Royal Scout (T'Thuun's Marauders) Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Royal Guard
Location Asheron's Island
Candeth Keep
57.3N, 37.6E - Colier
22.2N, 52.1.E - Isle of Tears
65.8N, 14.0E - Mount Esper
0.1S, 0.1E - Festival Stone of Midsong*
87.4N, 70.9W - Silyun
69.5S, 40.0E - Southern Osteth*
27.5S, 96.5E - Tou-Tou
Level 119
Strength 255
Endurance 220
Coordination 240
Quickness 240
Focus 90
Self 90
Health 235
Stamina 340
Mana 145


  • Route to Southern Osteth Royal Scout:

1. Take the Kara portal in the bunker outside Shoushi at 33S 73.2E
2. Goto Lake Thrasyl Settlement portal at 82.9S 48.2E
3. Run to the Scout at 69.5S, 40.0E

  • Route to Festival Stone of Midsong:

1. Goto Al-Jalima
2. Goto Midsong Cottages Settlement portal at 5.7N 4.3E
3. Run to the Scout at 0.1S, 0.1E

Lore & Dialog

Royal Scout tells you, "Greetings, the Queen sent myself and other scouts to the locations where the Patriarchs have deployed these strange pyramids."
Royal Scout tells you, "I'm not really sure what they are doing over there since I haven't been able to get anywhere near the place without getting jumped by the raiders."
Royal Scout tells you, "I'll reward you if you can clear out some of those raiders so we can get a closer look at what they are doing here."
Royal Scout tells you, "I've also noticed that the creatures seem to be gathering stones of some sort."
Royal Scout tells you, "Collect 30 of each type of stone you find and I'll reward you for your trouble."

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