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Introduced:  Cold Tracks Related Quests:  Asheron's Departure Lower, Metos Motes
Ruminations and Warnings on Portal Creation
Ruminations and Warnings on Portal Creation Icon
  • Value: 5,000
  • Burden: 15
  • 3 of 3 Pages full.
  • A page of notes regarding the proper location for portal summoning.

To create this particular portal, it seems that the number three shall be very integral. Coincidentally, in fetching the last inactive golem from Metos's workshop, I find that he has three workshops located on three ley lines. Attuning my ritual to these three locations should be relatively trivial and work well.

I believe that three locations in the north are also of necessity. Otherwise, there is no central point. However, introducing three more locations may disrupt some of the power I am attempting to harness This must be addressed.

To mitigate this, I can change the intervals of the chant of the ritual. I had planned on three seconds pause between each invocation, but instead, if I reduce the interval to its square root, it will lend the correct amount of control over the ritual. As a reference for myself, the square root of three is 1.73205080756887729352744634, approximately enough for my purposes.

I will take one additional precaution toward causing another Call - I will block the portal so that only people who have been attuned to it may pass through. The key shall be three pages. I shall keep one secured here, with the golem warden. One I shall send as a letter, and one shall be delivered to the guardian of the inert Falatacot ruin. When one receives these pages from these three beings, one shall be able to utilize any portal to Bur created using my notes, should one be opened. In that way, I can hopefully prevent casual passage and perhaps even, through these pages, advise the determined to not attempt passage unless you truly find a driving need.

So, to the explorer who is reading my notes, and presumably has read my letter and my other notes - be careful, for by accepting these letters and notes you may now pass through a portal to Bur centered in the location I have mentioned. I have attempted to keep these notes from the more powerful, lest they be inspired to create another portal behind me.


You give Golem Warden of Metos Pyreal Mote.

You've earned 2,899,563 experience.

The golem speaks in a normal voice - perhaps Empyrean by its accent.

Golem Warden of Metos tells you, "For you who have come this far, I leave a message. Your diligence is appreciated, even applauded, but you should not attempt to reconstruct the portal to Bur. I have learned only too well the risks associated with opening portals to other worlds, and alloing [sic] them to remain open. It is better if my portal remains closed. I should be able to repoen [sic] it when it is time for me to return. At this point, I shall hopefully have with me a solution to the Burun problem."

Golem Warden of Metos tells you, "Also, I imagine that Metos would have appreciated if I mention that there are no inactive golems available for you. Unfortunately, I required the last one for the portal ritual."

A piece of paper is ejected from the golem slowly, which you take.

Golem Warden of Metos gives you Ruminations and Warnings on Portal Creation.

The golem's voice changes yet again - this time to a scholarly female voice.

Golem Warden of Metos tells you, "This is like the golems in the Temple of Enlightenment, but different. Perhaps the differences are because the golems are different? In any event, Prince Borelean said that I might want to examine this golem for research, and he was right. But I feel compelled to amend Lord Asheron's message, as it is now inaccurate. He had taken the last one, but since then the golem manufacturing process has resumed on its own - no doubt due to adventurers who came and installed motes in this golem. So, there are golems now - the Golem Constructor should be able to help, I think."

  • Typos:
    • alloing should be allowing.
    • repoen should be reopen.