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Ruminations on Portal Creation
Ruminations on Portal Creation Icon
  • Value: 5,000
  • Burden: 15
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  • A page of notes regarding the creation of a proper setting for portal summoning.

To create this portal, it will be of the utmost importance for the site to be arrayed properly. A simple square will not do, as the equidistant sides will diffuse the power. There needs to be a clear "direction of power", so to speak.

Perhaps the golden ratio would suit. The spiral which may be derived from it occurs in certain magical creatures, most notably the niffis. A rectangle formed using this ratio may be the best base to work from, especially if the ley lines underneath were to match the internal divisions of it.

The golden ratio is, of course, approximately 1.61803398874989484820458683. That should be sufficiently accurate for my purposes. And it would be a good number to use to encode the other message I must concern myself as well.

Note: The Mountain Sewer may be a good place to conduct further research and attempt to create the gems for these purposes.


You give Felscuda Ancient Shard of Metal.

You've earned 135,000 experience.

Felscuda gives you Ruminations on Portal Creation.

Felscuda tells you, "Where did you find this? From the cellar? But how...this bodes ill..."

Felscuda tells you, "I shall tell you what I know - what I truly know, that is. The cellar you have exited leads into what remains of a Falatacot ruin."

Felscuda tells you, "That is right - I know of the Falatacot, and I've studied much more than I make Lady Folthid or passers-by aware of. It is no accident that Lady Folthid's house was built here. I suggested it, at the advice of...another patron. I remain in service here secretly - but as Lady Folthid, being a noble, might talk to other powerful individuals, I have only revealed myself to you as you are not so powerful, yet. Please keep my secret."

Felscuda tells you, "Since the house was built, I have watched for signs of activity from the cellar. It has been quiet, but this device indicates new activity."

Felscuda tells you, "Someone has attempted to use it recently - I can tell by the small tarnish here, which indicates that a surge of portal magic enveloped the device. However, whatever magic was attempted did not work. This is but a fragment of the entire device, and the device would have needed to be whole in order to work properly."

Felscuda tells you, "If I were to guess, I would say that there was a faction of Falatacot somewhere doing something - I am sorry I cannot be more specific."

Felscuda tells you, "Someone should find Asheron and inform him...but he has not been seen in so long. This note may help. It was research he was conducting shortly before he left. May it be of use to you."