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Rynthid Training
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Rynthid Assessment Crystal
Starts At: 62.3S, 66.2W
Route: Rynthid Recall or Mansion to Dangerous Portal Device to Center of the Obsidian Plains
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Rynthid Training


The Curator of Torment is looking to test Isparians through a series of 'tests'.

  • 5 tests must be completed in order to reach the rewards room. Each test is chosen randomly from the collection 7 tests. This quest will therefore vary each time it is completed. This also makes retrieving a corpse problematic, as there is no guarantee you can easily return to the same test.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. To begin this quest, talk to the Rynthid Assessment Crystal located at 62.3S, 66.2W. The Rynthid Assessment Crystal will portal you to the beginning of the tests.
  2. The first room contains a portal to the first of the tests. This portal is randomly generated upon entry to the dungeon. The sequence of the tests is random.
    • Warning: Take note of the color of all portals you enter, starting with this one. The color of the portals will determine the color-coded levers at the end of the quest.

Mite Test

  1. Kill the Troublesome Mites to the north, west, and east. All Troublesome Mites are accompanied by three Fiesty Mites.
  2. Loot Key I, Key II and Key III that will unlock the doors to the south.
  3. Take the colored portal to the next test.

Training Dummy Test

  1. Move past the Training Dummies that cast lightning spells across the room.
  2. Hug the right side of the wall until you reach the next colored portal.

Rock Jumping Test

  1. Jump up the many rocks until you reach the next colored portal at the top.
    • Beware of lightning damage on the floor during this test!

Portal Jumping Test

  1. Jump up the multi-colored portal platforms using shift jumps.
  2. Take the portal at the top of the chamber.

Moars Test

  1. Defeat a series of five spawns of Raging Moars and Enraging Moars. The moars hit with fire damage and spit acid damage.
    1. Two Raging Moars
    2. Three Raging Moars
    3. One Enraging Moar
    4. Three Raging Moars
    5. Three Raging Moars
  2. The door will open to the east. Jump across the pit and take the next colored portal.

Margul Test

  1. Defeat a series of three margul spawns.
    1.  ? Margul
    2.  ? Margul
    3.  ? Margul
  2. A success message will be displayed and the door at the end of the hallway will open.
  3. Jump across the short gap and proceed to take the next colored portal.

Gurog Test

  1. Proceed through a series of rooms with Gurog Bruisers to reach the next colored portal at the end.
    • Each room has a maze of horizontal portals which appear and disappear. These portals will drop you back at the start of this test. Avoid them as you move through each room.

Assessment Chamber

  1. Now you will be required to use the colored levers that correspond with each colored portal you previously entered. Pull the levers in order.
  2. Once you receive the green message to do so, speak with the Rynthid Assessment Crystal for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Rynthid Training Facility 62.3S, 66.2W -- --


Experience: 350,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 20,000
Titles: Well Trained


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Opening Dialog

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"Subject qualifications met. Configuring facility for experiment."

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"Facility initialized. Prepare for subject analysis to commence."

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"CAUTION: Removal by death may result in the inability to return to the exact sequence."

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"All unclaimed valuables left in the facility become property of the Curator of Torment"

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"Note: Observation and recollection skills will be tested as the final portion of the test experience."

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you,"Failure will not be tolerated. Discipline will be administered with extreme prejudice."

Rynthid Assessment Crystal tells you, "Unauthorized access detected. Removal from facility commencing."
Rewards Dialog

Dialog needed

Other Interactions

A voice whispers in your head, "Well done. You may continue."

Update History

Shattered Masks

  • Quest introduced.
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