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One of the original Sho factions. The original description reads:[1]

Motto: "From Discipline comes true power."
Background: Founded over a thousand years ago, the Ryu Jou Gai is based at the Dragon Temple in the Sho homelands. Those who swear obedience to the Dragon Temple dedicate their lives to the warrior's path. Ryu Jou Gai members are also encouraged to keep to all Four Stones of Jojiism. The sword is the Order's primary weapon, but all forms of battle skill, from magic to hand-to-hand combat, are means to a common end. Members of the Ryu Jou Gai are also trained to be administrators and leaders, which is (some argue) the true foundation of power and the true purpose of the Order, especially in a relatively peaceful age.
Current: Dereth has no Dragon Temple. However, the demands of survival in wild lands filled with hostile monsters will surely bring about a renewed interest in the study of battle, and perhaps the Ryu Jou Gai will rise again.

Over a thousand years ago (286 RC or earlier), the Ryu Jou Gai was founded.[1]

Back on Ispar, the Master Monk of the Ryu Jou Gai challenged Master Jojii [2]

After the death of Master Jojii, students of the Dragon Temple, Unicorn Temple, and Firebird Temple did not heed his admonition, and each Temple took to only one path. The Dragon Temple took up the call of Discipline, and the Unicorn Temple took up the call of Compassion, and the Firebird Temple took up the call of Detachment. Since none focused on Humility, Master Jojii's most fervent followers founded the Jojii Zhen Gai, the Order of Jojii, to preserve the truths of humility. [2]

The other factions are:[1]

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