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Sarvien II
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  • DE 6174 - date of death, fall of Dericost

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King Sarvien II was the last king of Dericost.[1]

He was transformed into an undead and proclaimed, after his conversion, that he would not step aside to allow a new living ruler to take the throne.[2]

Previous challenges to His Eternal Splendor's rule had been swiftly swept aside, but Sarvien II's political maneuvering with other disaffected undead allowed him to resist the forces loyal to His Eternal Splendor. Sarvien was also aided by the Filinuvekta's unwillingness to expose themselves to the living. Since the Latzimestal had no such compunction, Sarvien revealed that an undead caste ruled Dericost, of which he is the King. All resulting unrest in the Kingdom was put down, and Sarvien set his sights on expanding the Kingdom.[2]

The Latzimestal, under leadership of Sarvien II, launched an aggressive campaign of military expansion.[3] The Dericost Kingdom attacked its neighbors Haebrous and Yalain, igniting the Millennium War in DE 5000.[4]

After nearly 1,000 years of conflict, the Haebrous and Dericost lands were devastated. As the war turns against them, the Latzimestal decide they have lost the blessing of the Old Ones and that the remaining Falatacot are to blame. They set about exterminating the few Falatacot still in the Kingdom. Throughout the Millennium War, Geraine IV and the other Filinuvekta watched the Latzimestal without interfering, but finally the Filinuvekta abandoned Vasmora in disgust at the Latzimestal's failures and excesses. The Filinuvekta created hidden fortresses in other parts of the world, notably Dereth, which they called Killiakta.[5][6] This sets the stage for the combined forces of the Haebrous and Yalaini to push their way to the foot of the Plateau of Gelid.[2]

In DE 6174, the Ice Throne of Dericost is overturned by a coalition lead by the Kingdom of Haebrous, under King Jailne, and the Empire of Yalain, under Empress Alaidain.[3][4][7]

The final battle opened with the Haebrous warrior Leikotha Arenir and the combined armies of the Haebrous and Yalaini attacking the living and undead armies of the Dericost. While the Kings tenaciously hold the gates to Gelid, a Falatacot woman who had escaped the Lords' purge led Jailne and Alaidain through the trackless tunnels of Vasmora into the palace of Sarvien II. In a pitched battle, the Haebrous and Yalaini forces destroyed Sarvien and his Lich advisors, but the struggle costed Jailne his life. As Sarvien passes into true death, he utters a prophecy from the Book of Eibhil, known as the Fivefold Curse. For that infamous defeat, the Sand Kings of the high desert were shunned by their own people. Honor demanded atonement for failing to protect their charge.[8][9]

The Steward of Chalicmere presumably lives in the Direlands fortress of that name, but has never been seen by human eyes. She is the current leader of the Latzimestal, as evinced by her title of Steward; she maintains titular control of the Dericost Kingdom in the name of King Sarvien II.[3]


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