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Scepter of Thunderous Might
Scepter of Thunderous Might Icon
  • Value: 3,500
  • Burden: 700
  • Skill: Light Weapons (Mace)
  • Damage: 24 - 48 , Electrical
  • Speed: Slow (60) (10)
  • Bonus to Attack Skill: +11% (26%)
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +11.0% (26.0%)
  • Spells: Lightbringer's Way, Aura of Defender Self VI, Aura of Swift Killer Self V, Aura of Heart Seeker Self VI, Strength Other VI
  • Properties: Crushing Blow
  • Wield requires base Light Weapons 325
  • Activation requires Arcane Lore: 225
  • Spellcraft: 300.
  • Mana: 1000.
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 40 seconds.
  • This scepter was wielded by the Elders of the Sentinels of Percet Light. Ornate and ostentatious it appears to have been more a badge of office than a martial weapon.
  • Ae sa ai liat sauli baerai zharon.
Scepter of Thunderous Might Live

Scepter of Thunderous Might


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