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Introduced:  Spring's Sorrows Related Quests:  Sclavus Hide Armor
Sclavus Skin Helmet
Sclavus Skin Helmet Icon
  • Value: 1,100
  • Burden: 900
  • Covers Head
  • Armor Level: 200
  • Slashing: Above Average (280)
  • Piercing: Average (200)
  • Bludgeoning: Below Average (140)
  • Fire: Average (200)
  • Cold: Above Average (280)
  • Acid: Below Average (100)
  • Electric: Below Average (100)
  • Nether: Average (200)
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A helmet reinforced by the skin shed from a potent Sclavus.
Sclavus Skin Helmet Live

Sclavus Skin Helmet


You give the Leather Crafter Large Sclavus Hide.
Leather Crafter tells you, "Here you go!"
You've earned 5,000 experience.
Leather Crafter gives you Sclavus Skin Helmet.

Palettes for Sclavus Skin Helmet
ACID Name Description Sample Hex
4284 SclavGreen Main 697F4E
4282 SclavBrown 2nd 805815
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.