Snowman Exemplar

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Sudden Season

Giant Snowman

  • Messages:
Giant Snowman tells you, "If you don't like my prices, too bad! And I don't recommend fighting me, either!"
Giant Snowman tells you, "Come to see my iceballs? Well, now, the prices here are the best you'll find. Oh, maybe you want to praise my coldness by creating a likeness of me from snow. I sell the instructions for almost nothing."
Giant Snowman tells you, "Hrrmph!"

Snowman (Shopkeeper)

  • Messages:
Snowman tells you, "I sell harmless snowballs, which are good for safe Player Killer action! I also sell instructions on how to make flattering likenesses of me."
Snowman tells you, "If you think my prices are too high, you should see my cousin's!"
Snowman tells you, "Quite good."

The First Strike

Two Headed Snowman

  • Sayings:

Two Headed Snowman says, "It's a shame I can't make more friends. FRIENDS ARE FOR LOSERS!"
Two Headed Snowman says, "A CARR OT! WHY A CARROT?!? I like my carrot. YOU WOULD!"
Two Headed Snowman says, "I don't WANT TO HURT YOU!"
Two Headed Snowman says, "Oh now, why did I go and do that? GRRRRRAGH!"
Two Headed Snowman says, "And here I was hoping we could be friends..."

Cold Tracks


  • Messages:
Sam tells you, "Don't worry about me! I'll be fine. Go on without me... defend the town... I..I'm counting on you!"
Sam screams, Defend the town!!!
Sam tells you, "Why does everyone keep attacking us? We are a peaceful race. All we want is to live in pea..."


Three Eyed Snowman

  • Messages:

Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Eat snowball, heatbag!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Freeze heatbag!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Frozen and Furious!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Go jump in the snow!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I can see through time!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I see you! Now which of you three to attack..."
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Ice Ice baby!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'll shoot your eye out!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'm gonna freeze you solid meatsicle!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'm twice the magically animated man you are!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Stop ruining my day heatbag!"


Foolish Ambition


  • Sayings:
Jester says, "Catch me if you can!"
  • On death:
Jester is reduced to cinders!
Jester says, "Ooooo! You got me!"
The Jester makes a dramatic fall clutching his chest and vanishes.
Jester says, "Enough games for the moment."

Unknown Creatures

Lonely in the World

The Guardian Spirit

  • On death:
The guardian spirit has been slain! Its strange power has been transferred to [Player Name]].

Tricks and Treats

Pumpkin Buffer

  • On death:
The Pumpkin Buffer bursts open spraying treats.
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