Introduced:  Hidden In Shadows
Sedgemail Leather Armor Live

Loot-generated Sedgemail Leather Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Sedgemail Armor
Heritage:  ??, Tier VI
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot

Teaser 20110301


  • The armor consists of 6 parts (Cowl, Vest, Sleeves, Gauntlets, Pants & Shoes)
  • Some parts of the armor are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the underclothes, see pictures below
  • Base material is usually some kind of hide. It is yet unknown if the full name is just "Sedgemail Armor", or "Sedgemail Leather Armor"
  • When dyeing, some parts stay the original color, for example the mask of the cowl, the shoulder pads, knees and sides of the pants, and the small details on the chest
  • The dye turns the armor into a rather dull variation.
  • Fail dyeing results in a dull pink color.

Quest Sedgemail

Shadow Bracers (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Bracers (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Breastplate (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Breastplate (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Gauntlets (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Gauntlets (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Girth (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Girth (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Greaves (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Greaves (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Helm (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Helm (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Pauldrons (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Pauldrons (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Sollerets (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Sollerets (Clouded Spirit)Shadow Tassets (Clouded Spirit) Icon Shadow Tassets (Clouded Spirit) Shadow Bracers (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Bracers (Darkened Mind)Shadow Breastplate (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Breastplate (Darkened Mind)Shadow Gauntlets (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Gauntlets (Darkened Mind)Shadow Girth (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Girth (Darkened Mind)Shadow Greaves (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Greaves (Darkened Mind)Shadow Helm (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Helm (Darkened Mind)Shadow Pauldrons (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Pauldrons (Darkened Mind)Shadow Sollerets (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Sollerets (Darkened Mind)Shadow Tassets (Darkened Mind) Icon Shadow Tassets (Darkened Mind) Shadow Bracers (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Bracers (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Breastplate (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Breastplate (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Gauntlets (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Gauntlets (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Girth (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Girth (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Greaves (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Greaves (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Helm (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Helm (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Pauldrons (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Pauldrons (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Sollerets (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Sollerets (Shrouded Soul)Shadow Tassets (Shrouded Soul) Icon Shadow Tassets (Shrouded Soul)

Loot Sedgemail Pieces

Click image for full size.
Sedgemail Leather Cowl Icon Sedgemail Leather Cowl Sedgemail Leather Vest Icon Sedgemail Leather Vest Sedgemail Leather Sleeves Icon Sedgemail Leather Sleeves
Sedgemail Leather Cowl Live Sedgemail Leather Vest Live Sedgemail Leather Sleeves Live
Sedgemail Leather Gauntlets Icon Sedgemail Leather Gauntlets Sedgemail Leather Pants Icon Sedgemail Leather Pants Sedgemail Leather Shoes Icon Sedgemail Leather Shoes
Sedgemail Leather Gauntlets Live Sedgemail Leather Pants Live Sedgemail Leather Shoes Live

Dyed Sedgemail Leather Armor

Dyed Sedgemail Leather Armor
Sedgemail Leather Armor Lapyan Icon
(Light Blue)
Sedgemail Leather Armor Colban Icon
(Dark Blue)
Sedgemail Leather Armor Verdalim Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Minalim Icon
(Mint Green)
Sedgemail Leather Armor Relanim Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Lapyan Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Colban Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Verdalim Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Minalim Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Relanim Live
Sedgemail Leather Armor Thananim Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Hennacin Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Argenory Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Berimphur Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Fail Icon
Sedgemail Leather Armor Thananim Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Hennacin Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Argenory Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Berimphur Live Sedgemail Leather Armor Fail Live


Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can NOT be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Sedgemail Leather Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Head BP Upper Arms Lower Arms Abdomen Upper Legs Lower Legs Hand Feet
4213 LapyanBlue 2A6C9A 267595 1F6278 236C87 226984 246F8E 206681 206681 267595 1F6176
4387 ColbanBlue 001859 00227C 001859 001E6C 001C66 001F70 001B64 001B64 00227C 001858
4052 VerdalimGreen 20341B 1D2B19 111F10 172714 142512 182716 142212 142212 1C2E17 101F0E
4214 MinalimGreen 1F793F 269652 1F793F 238849 228547 248F4E 208245 208245 269652 1F773D
4389 RelanimPurple 47065C 640874 47065C 390448 54076E 59076F 2D043E 2D043E 57076F 46065C
4388 ThananimBlack 2A2A2A 2D2D2D 242321 1C1A1A 2B2A27 2C2A28 171515 171515 2C2A28 242221
4053 HennacinRed 3F1007 630000 460000 5A0000 560000 5A0000 530000 530000 660000 460000
4054 BerimphurGold 60510A 605100 493E00 564800 544700 584A00 504300 504300 605100 483C00
4055 CriticalPink B06672 B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B B05C6B
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in loot

  • The loot-generated color table is still work in progress. See for a spreadsheet for the until now discovered palettes this file (right click, download as)
Known Palettes for Sedgemail Leather Armor - Main (dyeable) Color
ACID Name Sample DCS Head VT BP VT Sleeves VT Legs VT Hands VT Feet VT
1453 Chatruese 998011 Main BEAD54 BEAD54, BEAD54 BEAD54 BFB164
1454 DarkSoil 5A491E 514321 3B3310 4C3E13, 483E12 4A3E1B, 423714 5B4517 3E320B
1455 FertileEarth 463A19 493C1E 322C0D 433710, 3F360F 523E14 352A09
1456 Kahki 7B6734 5A5019 6D581C, 69591B 685726, 61511E 604D11
1457 Olive 897310 AF9E43 AF9E43, AF9E43 AF9E43, AF9E43 AF9E43
1458 MarshGreen 74620D Main 9C8C3B, 9C8C3B 9C8C3B, 9C8C3B BCA528
1459 SwampGold 69580C 9C8C3B 9C8C3B, 9C8C3B 9C8C3B A28E22
1460 BogGreen 6D5720 594924 433B13 554516, 514515 644C1A 47390D
1461 Peppermint 7E3542 611A1E
1462 RichOrchid 5D1F53 48123E, 441037 57164F
1463 DarkOrchid 4C2145 481C41 501449 310729
1464 Orchid 723D6A 6B2B61 781F6D 5B0F4C
1465 KidneyRed 6D202E 59242F 460B14
1466 BrothelRed 581D28 5B1727 3D0911
1467 DeepBurgandy 471820 2D0B0E 3F0F17, 3B0E12 4E1321
1468 Violet 6D2061 431234 521E48, 4A173E
1469 OxideRed 8A2510 920000 720200 8F0000, 8B0000 870400, 7D0100 A30000 7A0000
1470 DarkViolet 4C2656 402647 321634 43204E 301136
1471 GreyViolet 402847 36263B 29182B 331D37, 311B33 332237, 2D1C30 392340 28142B
1472 Lavender 604169 56405C 4B2F4F 593B62 4B2B53
1473 BrickRed 7D220F 79140F 5D1404 741002, 701202 850604 5F0A00
1474 DarkCrimson 661B0C 72120E 551203 6C0E01, 681001 68150B, 5E1205 7D0503 570900
1475 GarnetRed 54160A 68100C 4B0F02 5E130A, 541004 730402 4C0700
1476 DeepPurple 5D206D 4D2459 4B1655, 491551 4A1E52, 42174A 511A64 3D0C47
1477 DeapMagenta 6D2045 59243E 431224 551533, 51142B
1478 GreyMagenta 59253E 492637
1479 GreyOrchid 482335 3C222F 2C141C 411E31
1480 Rose 7E4560 Main 6D3750, 69374C 773F5D
1481 DeapBlue 25206D 2E2B6E 241B6C, 271A68 2D2568, 261E61 221F7B 1B0F60
1482 MidnightBlue 2B2853 1D1557, 1F1453
1483 MoonlessBlue 2B2946 Main 1A1350, 1C124C 1A175F
1484 BlueSlate 47456D 373384 2E1F73 362D7E, 2F2578
1485 OnyxBlack 333333 313131 232323 2C2C2C, 292929 2E2E2E, 282828 323232 222222
1486 MattekarGrey 5C5C5C 575757 434343 4E4E4E, 4B4B4B 515151, 4A4A4A 575757 434343
1487 MidReefAqua 20696D 245659 133A43 165055, 154751 1E4C52, 17444A
1488 DeepReefAqua 245557 214E51 10333B 175A5B 0A383D
1489 AquaShadows 203E3F 1B3F42 0B252A 15373A, 0F2D32 12494A 07272B
1490 Tourqouise 366D70 2C6B6E 266068, 1E5961 105760
1491 Charcoal 404040 Main 2B2B2B 343434, 313131 363636, 303030 3A3A3A 2A2A2A
1492 SlateGrey 525252 4B4B4B 373737 424242, 3F3F3F 4B4B4B? 373737
1493 MossGreen 294023 28491E 10320D 184310, 143F0F (conf.) 245214 0F3409
1494 HarvestGreen 426F36 376729 1B5217 26651A, 1F6118 33741E 1A5710
1495 NewLeafGreen 4B8220 3C671F 275E13 386E16, 316915 396B1E, 306417 2A620D
1496 LeafGreen 44761D 3C671F 336314, 2C6013 33601B, 2B5B14 3F6F17 26580B
1497 PlantingGreen 3C6819 34591C 1E4B0F 2D5517, 265012
1498 PromiseGreen 518D22 487C27 2C6B15 3E7A18, 367617 407621, 36711A 4D861C 316F0E
1499 OldGrowth 305626 2C5121 133B10 224A1B, 1A4214 285B17 123D0B
1500 CattailGreen 306D20 Main 164313 205516, 1A5114 26521E, 1E4A17 2C641A 26580B
1501 VirindiBlue 1E283A 1F2D4E 112247,101C43 162C56 081638
1502 LugianBlue 3B4E74 2D4570 1A265C 1C356F, 1B2E6B 263B6A, 1E3163 20457E 102862
1503 DilloBrown 6D3220 592F24 432413 552716, 512915 522C1E, 4A2717 64291A 461E0D
1504 FlintRed 583226 512B21 3B1F10 4C2313, 482412 5B2517 3D1A0B
1505 BurntWood 452B24 46251C 2E180C 3F1D0F, 3B1D0E 3E2116, 361B10 4E2013 2F1408
1506 ClayRed 6F4336 673629 652E1A, 613119 742F1E 572510
1507 Navy 263758 Main 11183D 13254E, 121F4A 1C294D, 152145 0A193F
1508 CobaltBlue 203A6D 243759 131C43 1E2E52, 17254A 1A3764 0C1D46
1509 WinterNight 332442 220D30 2B1041, 2A0F3D 2D1640, 261138 2F1450
1510 PaleViolet 553E6C 452967 411A65, 431961 441E74 360E57
1511 SharkBrown 6D4420 593B24 553616, 513715 52381E, 4A3217 462B0D
1512 Walnut 593C23 493423 362814 44311F, 3C2C18 51341D 382510
1513 Coffee 46301D 3A2A1D 2B2011 362515, 332614 342719, 2F2214 3F2919 2C1D0D
1514 Tan 73553A 634C3B 514129 60472F,5B472D 5D4835,57432E 6B4C34 553C24
1515 OlthoiPurple 3F2857 Main 37185D
1516 FrozenPurple 46206D Main
1518 AfternoonShade 20526D 244759 132B43 163C55, 153551 1A4C64 0C2E46
1519 AquaGrey 254556 214151 10253B 1B374A, 142E42 17455B
1520 MossGrey 223641 1E3B49 0D1F32 183142, 11283A 143E52 082234
1521 Cloudyday 2E5A72 1E3B49 193A5A 264D68, 1E4461 205E7C 103F60
1522 Teal 396C60 2B6B5A 1B6957, 1A655A 246458, 1D5D50 1F785F
1523 AncientForest 253A34 173B31 09221F 12332D, 0C2A24 104234 06241E
1524 AncientSpring 2D4D45 1C463B 0D2F2A 104036, 0F3C35 093129
1525 ClearSpring 206D5A 13433D 0D473B
2381 FlatGrey B7B7B7 686868 545454 5F5F5F, 5C5C5C 686868
2382 SilverGrey 979797 5E5E5E 4A4A4A 555555, 525252 585858, 515151 4A4A4A
2439 Vermilion 9D331D DE0000 B30000 E30000, DC0000 CF0000, C30000
2440 CoralRed 972912 B00000 910000 B10000, AC0000 9A0000
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Known Palettes for Sedgemail Leather Armor - Undyeable secondary color
ACID Old Name New Name Sample DCS Head VT BP VT Sleeves VT Legs VT
7997 Brown_Sedgemail CamelBrown_Sedge A57C68 976447 996447 996447
7998 Orange_Sedgemail Carrot_Sedge DC693A DF4300 E24200 DD4200, E24200
8000 Grey_Sedgemail FogGrey_Sedge 717075 4F4F56 4F4F56 4F4F56 4E4E55, 4F4F56
8001 Pink_Sedgemail AlertRed_Sedge E04A49 C11414 C21515 C21515 BF1414, C21515
8002 Grey_Sedgemail PearlWhite_Sedge DCD3CE 9E9FA2 9FA0A3 9D9EA1, 9FA0A3
8005 Gold_Sedgemail MorningGold_Sedge EAB45A DE9E10 E0A010 E0A010 DC9C10, E0A010
8006 Gold_Sedgemail BrightGold_Sedge EBC467 FEB502 FEB603 FEB603 FFB200, FEB603
8007 Gold_Sedgemail PaleGold_Sedge EED570 FDD102 FDD203 FDD203 FFCF00, FDD203
8010 Brown_Sedgemail CorkBrown_Sedge B27F64 85583E 87583E 87583E 84573D, 87583E
8011 Brown_Sedgemail ShrimpBrown_Sedge AF9F92 A46D4D A66D4D A66D4D
8015 Orange_Sedgemail Pumpkin_Sedge DD6330 D43F00 D73E00 D73E00 D23E00, D73E00
8016 Orange_Sedgemail PeelOrange_Sedge F48051 F34900 F64700 F64700 F14800, F64700
8021 Pink_Sedgemail CoralPink_Sedge B7857E CE1515 CF1616 CF1616 CC1515, CF1616
8022 Pink_Sedgemail LobsterPink_Sedge DD6564 FF0303 FF0707 FF0707 FF0101, FF0707
8023 Grey_Sedgemail PencilGrey_Sedge 89848A 575760 575760 575760 56565F, 575760
8026 Grey_Sedgemail SilverGrey_Sedge BDBAB5 939497 949598 949598 929396, 949598
8027 Grey_Sedgemail IvoryWhite_Sedge DFD6D1 BEBFC1 BFC0C2 BFC0C2 BDBEC0, BFC0C2
8028 Rose_Sedgemail RosePink_Sedge D7A2CC D240FF D241FF D241FF D337FF, D241FF
8029 Blue_Sedgemail PeerlessBlue_Sedge A8BCDF 4082FC 4285FC 4285FC 3880FC, 4285FC
8030 Aqua_Sedgemail SleetAqua_Sedge 65D3C6 1FCDBE 1DCFC0 1DCFC0 1BCCBD, 1DCFC0
8031 Green_Sedgemail VerdantGreen_Sedge 78DF5C 2BDF0F 2BE10D 2BE10D 29DE0C, 2BE10D
8033 Grey_Sedgemail SmokeGrey_Sedge 6C6970 3D3D42 3D3D42 3D3D42 3C3C41, 3D3D42
8038 Purple_Sedgemail StaticPurple_Sedge BA76DB 9B18F4 9B19F5 9B19F5 9B0FF7, 9B19F5
8039 Purple_Sedgemail SparkPurple_Sedge D793E6 B630F4 B630F5 B630F5 B728F6, B630F5
8044 Blue_Sedgemail SeaBlue_Sedge 7792C7 2865D1 2866D3 2563D0, 2866D3
8045 Blue_Sedgemail SkyBlue_Sedge 8197C9 306CD8 316ED8 316ED8 2A6AD9, 316ED8
8050 Teal_Sedgemail FrozenTeal_Sedge 58CEBE 1DC0B2 1CC2B4 1CC2B4 1ABFB1, 1CC2B4
8051 Aqua_Sedgemail CyanAqua_Sedge 5FC4B4 21DACA 1EDCCC 1EDCCC 1CD9C9, 1EDCCC
8056 Green_Sedgemail MantisGreen_Sedge 5FCA48 33C11D 33C31C 33C31C 32C01B, 33C31C
8057 Green_Sedgemail FreshGreen_Segde 6FC55A 2CEF0E 2CF20C
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

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