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Introduced:  Release
Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith
Non-Player Killer
Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Blacksmith
Location 42.6N, 33.6E in Holtburg
Level 7
Strength 80
Endurance 70
Coordination 70
Quickness 50
Focus 30
Self 30
Health 95
Stamina 145
Mana 70



Pyreal Icon Pyreal



Item Price
Chainmail Basinet Icon Chainmail Basinet 542  
Leather Basinet Icon Leather Basinet 225  
Studded Leather Basinet Icon Studded Leather Basinet 388  
Chainmail Bracers Icon Chainmail Bracers 258  
Chainmail Breastplate Icon Chainmail Breastplate 633  
Chainmail Gauntlets Icon Chainmail Gauntlets 258  
Chainmail Girth Icon Chainmail Girth 383  
Chainmail Tassets Icon Chainmail Tassets 467  
Chainmail Greaves Icon Chainmail Greaves 467  
Chainmail Leggings Icon Chainmail Leggings 508  
Chainmail Pauldrons Icon Chainmail Pauldrons 259  
Chainmail Coif Icon Chainmail Coif 259  
Metal Cap Icon Metal Cap 92  
Studded Leather Boots Icon Studded Leather Boots 263  
Studded Leather Bracers Icon Studded Leather Bracers 138  
Studded Leather Breastplate Icon Studded Leather Breastplate 325  
Studded Leather Cowl Icon Studded Leather Cowl 138  
Studded Leather Gauntlets Icon Studded Leather Gauntlets 138  
Studded Leather Girth Icon Studded Leather Girth 200  
Studded Leather Tassets Icon Studded Leather Tassets 138  
Studded Leather Greaves Icon Studded Leather Greaves 138  
Studded Leather Leggings Icon Studded Leather Leggings 163  
Studded Leather Pauldrons Icon Studded Leather Pauldrons 138  
Chainmail Coif Icon Chainmail Coif 259  
Kite Shield Icon Kite Shield 150  


Item Price
Cestus Icon Cestus 63  
Dagger (Weapon) Icon Dagger (Weapon) 50  
Throwing Dart Icon Throwing Dart 250  
Hand Axe Icon Hand Axe 163  
Mace (Weapon) Icon Mace (Weapon) 325  
Quarter Staff Icon Quarter Staff 163  
Short Sword Icon Short Sword 200  
Spear (Weapon) Icon Spear (Weapon) 213  
Throwing Dagger Icon Throwing Dagger 375  

Trade Notes[]

Item Price
Trade Note (100) Icon Trade Note (100) 115p 
Trade Note (500) Icon Trade Note (500) 575p 
Trade Note (1,000) Icon Trade Note (1,000) 1,150p 

Lore & Dialog[]


Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith tells you, "Welcome! What's your pleasure today?"

Buying From

Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith tells you, "An excellent purchase."

Selling To

Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith tells you, "You drive a hard bargain, my friend."


Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith tells you, "Thank you for your business. Please return soon."