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Players and Creatures

Displays the name of the player or creature. The health status of the target is also displayed.

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Displays the name of the item or object. If the target item contains mana, the mana status will also be displayed.

Mana Status


A stack of items will display with the number of items, and a slider. You may use the slider to select an amount of items, or edit the number in the text box.

Selected Target Bar (Slider)

Side Buttons

Use Selected Target

The button shaped like a hand to the left of the bar is for using the selected item or player (opens a trade window).

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Examine Selected Target

Main article: Examine Target Panel

The button shaped like a magnifying glass to the right of the bar is used for displaying stats (e.g. level and attributes of a creature) of the selected target.

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Update History

A Reign of Stone

  • Other players' health bars now appear beneath their names when you select them (just like with monsters).

The Gathering Storm

  • Mana status of selected items now appears in the bar.
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