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Introduced:  Ancient Enemies Related Quests:  Exhumed Bones Piles, Lord Mhoire Quest
Shade of Parieth
Non-Player Killer
Shade of Parieth Live
Race Ghost
Title Gravekeeper
Location 65.6S 43.9W and inside Lord Mhoire's Tomb.
Level 80
Strength 140
Endurance 200
Coordination 160
Quickness 160
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 200
Stamina 350
Mana 440


Lore & Dialog[]


Shade of Parieth tells you, "In life I was one of a sacred order tasked with tending to the affairs of the dead. This once sacred place has been buried beneath the earth for countless eons. The recent upheavals that unearthed this place have awoken many angry spirits."
Shade of Parieth tells you, "I dare not guess what corruption is unearthing this place and waking long dead spirits. The lords have not yet awoken, but they are restless. I fear this will grow worse."
Shade of Parieth tells you, "The graveyard is in disarray, and it is disrespectful to the dead who are buried here. Many long dead bodies have been exhumed by the troubles here."
Shade of Parieth tells you, "Each night corrupted bones are forced to the surface all over the graveyard. Destroy the corrupted piles to retrieve the uncorrupted bones of 10 unfortunate spirits. Bring them to me so I may lay them to rest and I am sure fortune will smile upon you."

Shade of Parieth tells you, "I see you have gathered the disturbed bones of at least 10 of the dead."
Shade of Parieth tells you, "I will lay these unfortunate souls to rest."
You hand over 10 of your Exhumed Bones.
You've earned 6,000,000 experience.


Shade of Parieth tells you, "I await the one who used Lord Cynreft's key. If the one is not among you then begone."

Shade of Parieth tells you, "Lord Cynreft has summoned me here to warn off those who would disturb him. I hope you are prepared!" Shade of Parieth says, "Prepare yourselves! The Royal Guard of Lord Cynreft come forth to protect him! You have one hour to defeat the guard and battle Lord Cynreft Mhoire!"