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Shadow Assault
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Isin Dule
or Black Ferah
Starts At: Arwic at 33.4N, 56.9E
or Tou-Tou at 29.2S, 95.8E.
Repeat: Non Repeatable
Quest Chain: 1. Shadow Communication
2. Strange Crystal Quest
3. Fate of Bael'Zharon
4. Dark Recordings
5. Shadow Assault
6. Tou-Tou Blockade
7. Stop the Rebuilding


  • Quest five in the Shadow Invasion chain.
  • After completing this quest, you must wait 20 hours? before you may begin the 6th quest: Tou-Tou Blockade.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. You must first make a decision whether to aid the shadows, or defend the town against them.
  2. Defending the town will give the "Bright Knight" title, aiding the shadows will give the "Shadow Soldier" title. All other rewards are the same.

Siding with Isin Dule

  1. Isin Dule will ask you to kill 3 of the Shadow Vortexes that are surrounding Tou-Tou at 28.0S, 96.2E and 28.5S, 95.5E.
  2. Head to Tou-Tou, defeat 3 Shadow Vortexes and return to Isin Dule.
  3. You will then be sent to Asheron for your reward. Speak to Emissary of Asheron (Asheron's Castle).

Siding with Black Ferah and Ler Rhan

  1. Black Ferahwill send you to speak to the Shadow Captain in Tou-Tou at 27.9S 95.6E.
  2. Then speak to the Shadow Soldiers nearby to spawn Soldiers to complete the kill task.
  3. Kill 15 Soldiers, and then speak to Ler Rhan in The Shadows.


  • Killing a Vortex is easiest with an archer. Mages get quite a few resists. Melee's have to contend with the other spawn.
  • Perching on the Meeting Hall works well too.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
The Shadows 29.5S, 94.2E 7E02 Updated 7E02 Updated.png --


Complete Isin Dule's task
Experience: 350,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 30,000
Titles: Bright Knight
Complete Ler Rhan's task
Experience: 350,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 30,000
Titles: Shadow Soldier


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Opening Dialog

Isin Dule

Isin Dule tells you, "This may be one of our last chances to hold back the shadow advances on the town of Tou-Tou. Go there and destroy several of the Shadow Vortex which have moved in around the edges of the town."

Black Ferah

Black Ferah tells you, "We have setup forces at the edge of town."
Black Ferah tells you, "Find the Shadow Captain and provide her with any assistance she needs."

Completing Isin Dule's task

Isin Dule tells you, "Excellent work soldier. I ask you to inform Asheron both of what is happening in Tou-Tou and the feat you achieved there. I think the time for action has arrived."
Asheron tells you, "The shadows are surrounding Tou-Tou and beginning an assault?"
Asheron tells you, "Isin Dule is correct. We must form a plan for action and end the madness that has gone on for far too long."
You've earned 350,000,000 experience.
You've earned 30,000 Luminance.
You have been awarded the title of "Bright Knight".
Asheron gives you Fortified Mana Forge Key.
Asheron tells you, "Your efforts against the shadows are greatly appreciated."
Asheron tells you, "I think Isin Dule is right and we can no longer stand idly by."
Isin Dule tells you, "We managed to slow down the shadow assault on Tou-Tou. I fear it is not enough and that a much larger action is needed."

Shadow Captain

Shadow Captain tells you, "Black Ferah sent you to assist in the siege efforts?"
Shadow Captain tells you, "We are working on bringing Shadow Vortexes to the surface."
Shadow Captain tells you, "You may want to stand back. These things have a mind of their own."
Shadow Captain tells you, "As you can see, I am all set over here. However, the other Shadow Soldiers have been encountering resistance."
Shadow Captain tells you, "Go assist them and kill off anyone that tries to stop them."
Shadow Soldier tells you, "Come to help with the siege?"
Shadow Soldier tells you, "You'd better be ready for this."

Completing Black Ferah's task

Ler Rhan tells you, "Isin Dule still thinks he has any chance of stopping our forces? That fool."
Ler Rhan tells you, "He never was the strong one, and he is even weaker now."
Ler Rhan tells you, "Soon we shall corrupt this land and all who have served us will gain great power."
You have been awarded the title of "Shadow Soldier".
You've earned 370,999,979 experience.
You've earned 31,799 Luminance.
Ler Rhan gives you Fortified Mana Forge Key.

Update History

A Rising Darkness

  • Quest introduced.
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