Introduced:  Children of the Prodigal Lord Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Lugian
Shadow Kresovus
Shadow Kresovus (Trial of the Heart) Live
Class Shadow
Level 160
XP 500,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier 6
Attacks Bludgeoning
Weaknesses Shadow Slayer Weapons
Strength 250
Endurance 260
Coordination 250
Quickness 250
Focus 350
Self 350
Health 12000
Stamina 5260
Mana 5350
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



  • Several versions of Shadow Kresovus are found in the Prodigal Lugian quest.
  • The Phial of Chorizite appears on the ground when Kresovus is defeated.
  • Casts debilitating spells and war magic.
  • Messages:
Shadow Kresovus tells you, "This has gone on long enough. You are beginning to annoy me human."
  • When defeated:
Your blow knocks a small crystal from Shadow Kresovus' pocket. It falls to the floor and shatters in a bright flash. The energy cage surrounding Lord Kresovus seems to wane.
Shadow Kresovus says, "Why won't you just die?!"
Shadow Kresovus growls in frustration and leaps through the portal to the next room.
Lord Kresovus says, "Free me!"
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