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Introduced:  Darkness Ascendant
Shadow Spire Live

Shadow Spires

A Shadow Spire is an enormous floating object made from the Shadow twisted body of a Gromnatross.[1]

Empyrean Shadow War

The Hopeslayer's Thorns

The Spires were the living creations used for sieges by the Shadow army. In the Empyrean Shadow War during the Yalaini Shadow War, 15 Shadow Spires -- also known as thorns -- appeared on Dereth. [2]

From the Aerlinthe Record:

"RE 895: Darkness falls upon the shores of Ireth Lassel. A vast reach of Black Madness and fifteen Thorns accompany the Hopeslayer, his generals, and their army."

One of the spires were destroyed during the Battle of Ayn Tayan by Lord Anadil.[3] Another thorn blew up when the energy from the Hopeslayer's crystal trap destroyed the Jailne Lyceum in the area now known as the Obsidian Plains (reference needed)

The Fourth Sending of Darkness

The 13 spires that had survived the Empyrean Shadow War erupted from the earth in various parts of Dereth at the onset of the Darkness Ascendant event. These mysterious spires became the setting of a series of the abductions of many heroes throughout Dereth. Those abducted were interrogated and asked many questions by a shrill voice. The last question asked by the presence was which town visited by the Spires should be destroyed. During the Twilight's Gleaming event, the towns of Arwic and Tufa were obliterated. [4]

Two of the Spires that destroyed Arwic had previously attempted to attack Cragstone but were repelled by Asheron and Elysa. The spire that had erupted in Cragstone was destroyed during the battle. [5]

In the Thorns of the Hopeslayer event, the Shadow Spires were the locations where Bael'Zharon's generals and their forces gathered before they attacked various towns and locations. The town spires were also where key chunks were kept by the special Spire Shadows. The chunks formed keys to the doors inside the Nexus where one of the Soul Crystals was kept.

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Initial locations and movements of the Thorns


Map displaying the locations where the spires erupted.

Map 4px Border Point Map 512 Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire Map Point ShadSpire

The following tables and map display where the original 13 Shadows Spires erupted and their locations each month until they buried themselves once again in the ground.

Attack Spires

Two of the desert spires joined up with the Tufa spire where they destroyed the desert oasis town. The Aluvian Plains and the Eastham spires also attempted to destroy Cragstone with the spire that erupted there but were repelled by Asheron and Elysa. The spire that was already present in Cragstone was destroyed in the battle. After the attack, the remaining two spires along with the spire that erupted in Tou-Tou, moved north and destroyed Arwic.[6][7]

Darkness Ascendant
(Initial Location)
Paths of Destruction To Raise a Banner of Flame Taste of Twilight Twilight's Gleaming
Hollow Victory
(Final Location & Burial)
A'mun Desert 14.2S, 17.7E 14.3S, 17.0E 8.7S, 12.1E 13.5S, 10.0E Destroyed Tufa 13.8S, 6.7E
15.2S, 4.8E
12.8S, 4.7E
Khayyaban 48.6S, 25.2E 45.8S, 24.8E 43.0S, 20.7E 38.3S, 20.5E
Tufa 13.8S, 3.9E No Change
Cragstone 24.5N, 48.9E No Change Destroyed during Twilight's Gleaming
Plains of Gaerwel 12.0N, 32.1E 12.7N, 32.6E 17.5N, 37.4E 20.9N, 39.6E Attempted to destroy Cragstone, failed, and then destroyed Arwic instead 33.7N, 58.6E
35.4N, 56.3E
34.0N, 56.5E
Eastham 17.9N, 62.6E 18.2N, 61.6E 20.0N, 59.3E 23.3N, 57.8E
Tou-Tou 26.4S, 98.0E 25.2S, 98.0E 6.5S, 77.7E 7.2N, 67.9E
Non-Attack Spires

Three of the seven wilderness spires (one buried at Arwic) moved to the Vesayen Isles where the last of the Soul Crystals was found. The remaining three spires never moved from their original craters.[6][7]

Darkness Ascendant
(Initial Location)
Paths of Destruction to Taste of Twilight Should the Stars Fall
Now In This Hush
(Final Location & Burial)
Black Mire Swamp 26.2S, 51.4E No Change 67.2S, 95.7E
70.0S, 84.7E
70.8S, 86.1E
Linvak Range 85.9S, 39.7E No Change
Sawato 29.5S, 59.3E No Change
North Direlands 20.2N, 71.2W No Change 20.2N, 71.2W
Obsidian Plains 62.4S, 71.1W No Change 62.4S, 71.1W
Tiofor Woods 43.8N, 0.8E No Change 43.8N, 0.8E


Spire Key Chunk - Eastham Icon Spire Key Chunk - EasthamSpire Key Chunk - Tou Tou Icon Spire Key Chunk - Tou TouSpire Key Chunk - Khayyaban Icon Spire Key Chunk - KhayyabanSpire Key Chunk - Cragstone Icon Spire Key Chunk - CragstoneSpire Key Chunk - Sawato Icon Spire Key Chunk - SawatoSpire Key Chunk - Tufa Icon Spire Key Chunk - TufaEastern Spires Key Front Icon Eastern Spires Key FrontWestern Spires Key Front Icon Western Spires Key FrontEastern Spires Key Icon Eastern Spires KeyWestern Spires Key Icon Western Spires Key

Current Shadow Spires

There are currently only two existing spires in Dereth.

The first is located on the Singularity Caul at 91.8S, 92.8W and is where the Shield of Isin Dule is kept. This spire appeared during the The Price of Loyalty event. The rumor A Shadow Spire on the Caul refers to this one.

The second appeared in Tou-Tou during the Hidden In Shadows event and is part of the Shadow Invasion Quest Chain. Currenly only the head of the spire is visible and contains a portal to the caves where Shadow general Ler Rhan is found.


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Current Shadow Spires

Past Shadow Spires


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