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This server was available for all players initially from the 26th of April 2003 to 28th of April 2003 to stress test some new server hardware. The character database was an exact copy of Solclaim, hence the name Shadowclaim.

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  • A dev controlled character named Amauxi played on the test server and granted wishes to players.
  • One player wished for a Nexus Core Gem and used it to create a suit of Nexus Shadow Koujia. The Koujia had never been seen before due to the popularity of the Celdon and Amuli suits at the time of the Nexus Crystal and the fact that the gem was one per server.
Amauxi (Live Event Character) Live

Amauxi, the granter of wishes.

Rolling Balls of Death Aftermath (Shadowclaim)

After Rolling Balls of Death appeared in the Subway.


Chalice of Enlightenment Icon Chalice of EnlightenmentNexus Koujia Breastplate Icon Nexus Koujia BreastplateNexus Koujia Sleeves Icon Nexus Koujia SleevesNexus Koujia Leggings Icon Nexus Koujia Leggings


Shadowclaim Tribute Videos by Black-Wolf

Asheron's Call Shadowclaim Tribute - Part 1

Asheron's Call Shadowclaim Tribute - Part 1

Asheron's Call Shadowclaim Tribute - Part 2

Asheron's Call Shadowclaim Tribute - Part 2

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