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Shadowfell - Crowd in Heb


Shadowfell is a test server available for a limited time to stress test some new server hardware. It's character database is a recent copy of Frostfell. All allegiance information and friends list entries were erased. Some housing was lost due to the time the copy was made, with rent expiring between then and when the server became available.


  • All special services for testing are currently in Hebian-To.
  • Leveling: Use Turbine Vendors to level up. You may only turn in 1 token per character, so its best to pick the level 260 token.
  • Augments: Jeeves sells all augment gems except for the asheron's lesser benediction, but he sells blank gems as well and you can acquire the augment in Silyun.
  • Spells: Use Master Yado to learn spells. Speaking to Yado will get you 1 of each scarab and a special talisman. Turn in the comps to have spells automatically added to your spellbook. Lead scarab = lvl 1, Iron scarab = lvl 2, ... platinum = lvl 7. Diamond and special talisman give specialty spells like dispels and fellow spells. There are no level 8s available.
    • Yado teaches you ALL spells of that level. This includes self debuffs and versions of spells players normally do not have access to, such as mana boost self and other, and attribute tranfer other spells.
    • Yado teaches all rings, walls, tusker fists, and raven's fury.
    • Yado teaches most quest recalls, but some are missing. 3 special dev only recalls are also included, and they send you to locations near Sanc (old spells from a live event).
    • Yado teaches 3 versions of Elemental Fury, gaerlan's special attack spell. It is found under level 1s, with a bludge volley icon.
  • Recovering Vitae: Buy fallen weapons from Turbine Vendor. Head to Stonehold and turn in weapons to Belinda du Loc for 3.5 mil each. (route: Shoushi to Kryst, Kryst to Umbral Halls, north hall contains Stonehold portal).
  • Money: Speak with Master Yado to be given some spell components. Repeat until pack is full. Sell components to Jeeves. Repeat.
  • Writs: Jeeves sells Black Luster Pearls. Give to an agent of the arcanum to get 2 writs.
  • Equipment: Many houses were abandoned, one might get lucky and find one with a chest full of nice items.


  • Several special NPCs are available in Hebian-To.
  • 39.7S, 83.8E (SE Hebian-To) - 6 Black Marrow Reliquaries

Shadowfell NPCs

  • Jeeves - (Hebian-To Center) - Sells supplies and equipment. Items inlude: augmentation gems, various chest keys, ammo, basic testing archer and mage weaponry, dispel potions, healing kits, all spell components
  • Master Yado - (Hebian-To Center) - Gives out spell components, teaches spells. Spells include recalls, tusker fists, and raven's fury.
  • Turbine Emissary - (Hebian-To Center) - Takes XP tokens.
  • Turbine Vendor - (Hebian-To Center) - Sells equipment and XP tokens. Equipment includes foci, level 7 scrolls (not needed with above NPC), olthoi armor, Isparian arms, fallen weapons.
  • Swank Armorer (39.0S 83.2E in Hebian-To) - Hands out armor based on level.

Shadowfell Items

List of special items not normally available on regular servers.

Uber Balance Testing Coat Icon Uber Balance Testing CoatUber Balance Testing Gauntlets Icon Uber Balance Testing GauntletsUber Balance Testing Leggings Icon Uber Balance Testing LeggingsUber Balance Testing Sollerets Icon Uber Balance Testing SolleretsUber Balance Testing Helm Icon Uber Balance Testing HelmUber Balance Testing Raiment Icon Uber Balance Testing RaimentShield of Balance Icon Shield of Balance
  • Prickly Orb
  • Slicing Orb
  • Smashing Orb
  • Searing Orb
  • Zapping Orb
  • Flaming Orb
  • Freezing Orb
Banyan Talisman Icon Banyan TalismanHow to Obtain Free Levels Icon How to Obtain Free Levels


The events below are merely the ones people added to the wiki. There were several other events and +turbine created trouble that happened on Shadowfell.

Saturday Oct 4th

Big Baddies in Hebian-To

Several big baddies showed up in Hebian-To to cause some trouble. Guests include: Bael'Zharon, Martine, Gaerlan, Aerbax, Shadow Aspect of Grael, Very Mad Cow. The cow and Grael were defeated first, followed by Aerbax. Gaerlan, BZ, and Martine lasted longer. Gaerlan was eventually defeated by use of the Elemental Fury spell that Master Yado teaches players. BZ was later killed and Martine remained undefeated for the second day. Turbine developer Noworries removed Martine from Hebian-To the next day.

Aerbax and Pookie in MP

Corpses were scattered about the marketplace. In the corner, the small fuzzy corpse of a white rabbit could be seen. In a side room, Aerbax Mask Shards could be found, indicating the recent demise of the virindi.

Sunday Oct 5th

BZ in Heb (again)

Bael'Zharon returned to Hebian-To once more
Alex the Grayt has struck Bael'Zharon a mortal blow! The Hopeslayer, already weakened by the magic of Asheron, is driven from this plane of existence. As he retreats, his voice rends the air across Dereth, "Puppets of the Yalain! You have defeated me here, with the collusion of a great collection of rabble. But you will never rid the world of my power, and my minions will carry on the war without me! As for you, Dule! Base traitor! I sense your art in this artifact assembled by the last Yalain. Thee and thine are banished from Our sight for all time, and ye shall be hunted until the stars fall from their course! Marked are thee!" The Hopeslayer descends, shrieking, into Darkness.

Showdown Between Societies

Turbine developer Noworries spawned White Rabbit's and Blessed Moar's in Hebian-To followed by society Master Mages, Archers, and Soldiers (from all three societies).

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