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Gharu'ndim Banner One of the original Gharu'ndim factions.

  • The school of Shagar Zharala, the "Walkers in Shade", was founded as the instrument of Malik Amul ibn Rakhil's revenge on the Milantean King Laszko for the torturing and blinding of his emissary, the prophet and poet, Yasif ibn Salayyar.[1][2] During his imprisonment in Milantos, Laszko had used Yasif for dark rituals, and Yasif had lost his eyes along with all digits on his left hand.[2]
  • For this purpose, 50 train for three years in a mountain fortess. At the end, 36 of the 50 become the first Zharalim. Twelve of the best Zharalim return with the Malik to the al-Nafalt.[2]
  • Eleven of them were send to Milantos and assassinated King Laszko[2][3]
  • One of them, Mansur al-Rajan, was chosen by Yasif ibn Salayyar to stay at the al-Nafalt and be his guide because he was blind.[2]
  • The purpose of the Shagar Zharala was to slay the enemies of Gharu'n and protect the nation from threats too subtle for the attention of armies.[1]
  • The Tenebrous Edge was founded by Hamud ibn Rafik as a reaction to the corruption of the Shagar Zharala.[1] Their members in Dereth, are considered renegade Zharalim by some.[4]
  • Many references to the Shagar Zharala on Dereth not part of the Tenebrous Edge can be found during the Decrepit Tower Quest

The original description[5] reads:

Motto: "To fight darkness, first become a shadow."
Background: Founded by Malik Amul ibn Rakhil as a covert weapon to avenge the torture of Yasif ibn Salayyar, the Shagar Zharala, or Zharalim, are the most feared and misunderstood group in Gharu'n. They exist outside the strictures of the Dozen Roads, based on the belief that evil is best fought with evil. They are professional killers, who will use any method at their disposal to see a job done. They kill out of a profound sense of duty, and not out of pleasure. They are, in fact, effectively under a constant contract to hunt down and eliminate those who do commit murder wantonly (as it gives them a bad name). They do not even return other groups' hatred, since they see other Factions as tools for carrying out contracts. As such, they have agents everywhere; there is even a rumour that Malik Sunadin the Unlucky met his untimely end at the hands of his own sister, who was secretly Zharalim. As other tales of the Order, the truth will likely never be known.
Current: Many hope that too few of the Zharalim will ever arrive to form a cohesive, unified force in Dereth, but others are not so sure. Perhaps now is the time for the Zharalim to re-form, as a new shadow against this world's darkness.

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