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Shard Mana Forge Equipment Chest
Shard Mana Forge Equipment Chest Icon
  • Value: 2,500
  • Burden: Variable
  • Use this item to open it and see its contents.
  • Can hold up to 120 items and 10 containers.
  • Locked
  • This lock looks impossible to pick. (Resistance 9999).
  • This chest may be opened with a Shard Mana Forge Key.
Shard Mana Forge Equipment Chest Live

Shard Mana Forge Equipment Chest


  • Once located in each of the capital towns:
  • Unlocked using Mana Forge Keys.

Update History

Seeds of Corruption


  • Chest profiles updated. Each chest now drops six items with one item slot reserved for a no spell weapon or a coalesced aetheria. The shard chests always drop 2 spell components with the remaining 3 slots being a mix of magical armor and weapons.

Master of Arms

  • Shard chests removed and replaced with additional weapon chests.
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