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Shedding Skin Splash Screen

April 2010 - Announcements Page

Patch Size: 4,524k (Client: 1,666k)

Game Changes

  • Umbraen and Penumbraen Shadows added as part of the new playable character race.
  • Aetheria (Creation and use of Aetheria)
  • Hairstyles can now be changed after character creation at the new barber NPCs.
  • Tailoring introduced.
  • Many Rares have had their stats substantially improved, the ability to increase in power by leveling, dropped on death property dropped, and now are more common to find. See Rare Items Update for more details.

User Interface Updates

  • Quest Journal updated - files no longer use the <PNUM> variable, making the editing and sharing of quest journal files much easier.

New Quests

Updated Quests

  • Wedding Preparations - Experience rewards added, choose one of six bracelets if you turned in multiple items.

New NPCs

New Locations

New Items

Coordination of Marriage Icon Coordination of MarriageEndurance of Marriage Icon Endurance of MarriageFocus of Marriage Icon Focus of MarriageQuickness of Marriage Icon Quickness of MarriageSelf of Marriage Icon Self of MarriageStrength of Marriage Icon Strength of Marriage Attuned Essence Gem Icon Attuned Essence GemVile Potion Icon Vile PotionAligned Mana Stone Icon Aligned Mana StoneAetheria Mana Stone Icon Aetheria Mana StoneCoalesced Aetheria (Blue) Icon Coalesced Aetheria (Blue)Coalesced Aetheria (Yellow) Icon Coalesced Aetheria (Yellow)Coalesced Aetheria (Red) Icon Coalesced Aetheria (Red)Aetheria (Blue) Icon Aetheria (Blue)Aetheria (Yellow) Icon Aetheria (Yellow)Aetheria (Red) Icon Aetheria (Red)Aetheria Desiccant Icon Aetheria DesiccantAetheria Powder (Yellow) Icon Aetheria Powder (Yellow) Tailoring Kit Icon Tailoring KitArmor Reduction Tool Writ Icon Armor Reduction Tool WritArmor Reduction Tool Icon Armor Reduction ToolArmor Layering Tool (Bottom) Icon Armor Layering Tool (Bottom)Armor Layering Tool (Top) Icon Armor Layering Tool (Top) Shield of Borelean&#039;s Royal Guard Icon Shield of Borelean's Royal Guard

Updated Items

Death&#039;s Grip Staff Icon Death's Grip StaffMorrigan&#039;s Vanity Icon Morrigan's VanitySmite Icon SmiteAssassin&#039;s Whisper Icon Assassin's WhisperDread Marauder Shield Icon Dread Marauder ShieldWings of Rakhil Icon Wings of RakhilGuardian of Pwyll Icon Guardian of PwyllImperial Chevaird&#039;s Helm Icon Imperial Chevaird's HelmMirrored Justice Icon Mirrored JusticeTracker Boots Icon Tracker BootsGelidite Pauldrons Icon Gelidite PauldronsValkeer&#039;s Helm Icon Valkeer's HelmSkullpuncher Icon SkullpuncherFeathered Razor Icon Feathered RazorZefir&#039;s Breath Icon Zefir's BreathEbonwood Shortbow Icon Ebonwood ShortbowCorsair&#039;s Arc Icon Corsair's ArcMoriharu&#039;s Kitchen Knife Icon Moriharu's Kitchen KnifeDreamseer Bangle Icon Dreamseer BangleIbriya&#039;s Choice Icon Ibriya's ChoicePillar of Fearlessness Icon Pillar of FearlessnessStaff of Fettered Souls Icon Staff of Fettered SoulsStar of Gharu&#039;n Icon Star of Gharu'nStaff of Tendrils Icon Staff of TendrilsChampion&#039;s Demise Icon Champion's DemiseCanfield Cleaver Icon Canfield CleaverBearded Axe of Souia-Vey Icon Bearded Axe of Souia-VeyThunderhead Icon ThunderheadDeru Limb Icon Deru LimbOrb of the Ironsea Icon Orb of the IronseaDrifter&#039;s Atlatl Icon Drifter's AtlatlRidgeback Dagger Icon Ridgeback DaggerHelm of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Helm of Leikotha's TearsGelidite Gauntlets Icon Gelidite GauntletsGauntlets of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Gauntlets of Leikotha's TearsGelidite Bracers Icon Gelidite BracersGelidite Breastplate Icon Gelidite BreastplateBracers of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Bracers of Leikotha's TearsBreastplate of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Breastplate of Leikotha's TearsGelidite Girth Icon Gelidite GirthGirth of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Girth of Leikotha's TearsTassets of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Tassets of Leikotha's Tears Greaves of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Greaves of Leikotha's TearsPauldrons of Leikotha&#039;s Tears Icon Pauldrons of Leikotha's TearsTwin Ward Icon Twin WardSwift Strike Ring Icon Swift Strike RingWand of the Frore Crystal Icon Wand of the Frore CrystalCount Renari&#039;s Equalizer Icon Count Renari's EqualizerBrador&#039;s Frozen Eye Icon Brador's Frozen EyeBlack Thistle Icon Black ThistleShield of Engorgement Icon Shield of EngorgementDefiler of Milantos Icon Defiler of MilantosLoop of Opposing Benedictions Icon Loop of Opposing BenedictionsEye of Muramm Icon Eye of MurammAdept&#039;s Fervor Icon Adept's FervorLove&#039;s Favor Icon Love's FavorRing of Channeling Icon Ring of ChannelingPatriarch&#039;s Twilight Coat Icon Patriarch's Twilight CoatFist of Three Principles Icon Fist of Three PrinciplesSerpent&#039;s Flight Icon Serpent's FlightNecklace of Iniquity Icon Necklace of IniquityTusked Axe of Ayan Baqur Icon Tusked Axe of Ayan BaqurGelidite Tassets Icon Gelidite TassetsGelidite Greaves Icon Gelidite GreavesWeeping Ring Icon Weeping RingAristocrat&#039;s Bracelet Icon Aristocrat's BraceletRoyal Ladle Icon Royal LadleHevelio&#039;s Half-Moon Icon Hevelio's Half-MoonIron Bull Icon Iron BullSpirit Shifting Staff Icon Spirit Shifting StaffStar of Tukal Icon Star of TukalDripping Death Icon Dripping DeathPitfighter&#039;s Edge Icon Pitfighter's EdgeSteel Butterfly Icon Steel ButterflyStaff of All Aspects Icon Staff of All AspectsDesert Wyrm Icon Desert WyrmBloodmark Crossbow Icon Bloodmark CrossbowZharalim Crookblade Icon Zharalim CrookbladeBaton of Tirethas Icon Baton of TirethasSubjugator Icon SubjugatorSquire&#039;s Glaive Icon Squire's GlaiveTri-Blade Spear Icon Tri-Blade SpearMalachite Slasher Icon Malachite SlasherHooded Serpent Slinger Icon Hooded Serpent Slinger

New Creatures

Gear Knight Icon Gear Knight

Wisp Icon Wisp

Undead Icon Undead

New Dialog

Town Crier

Free Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Another new member of the Arcanum. Looks like they have been busy."

Town Crier tells you, "Have you seen those new Tailors? Finally, people can look like they got armor collections other than that squalid armor from the Halateans.

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard reports that the wedding has been delayed. Did someone got cold feet?"

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard rumors that Isin Dule has been making deals with the Kingdoms of Dereth."

Town Crier tells you, "I've seen many people sporting all new looks. I guess a Barber finally set up shop somewhere."

Pyreal Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "A group of professional Tailors have set up shop in Dereth, and will assist people in the cosmetic alteration of their armor for a fee."

Town Crier tells you, "By Royal Proclamation, the Shadows of Isin Dule, the Umbraen and Penumbraen, are accorded Citizenship within the Kingdoms of Dereth. Even Lord Asheron has given them access to the Lifestones, and his protection under the Light."

Town Crier tells you, "Royal Guard activity has increased near the Wedding Pavillion. I wonder if something has gone wrong...

Town Crier tells you, "Xarabydun's been very busy lately. It's odd... the town's literally a hole in the ground."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Free Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Aetheria, it's not for me unless you add the "l" back in."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Barbers and Tailors? Ah, the joys of vanity. All that effort, and just so everyone can look like me. I should be flattered."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Hrmph. Weddings. They always take longer to prepare than you think, and cost more than you're prepared for. You'd think people would learn by now."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Shadows are on our side now? Well, some of them at least. I wonder if they make shadowy ales or stouts. They could be a real boon to the Kingdoms if they do."

Stout Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "A town is not much of a town without a bar patron such as myself to support the local economy. On the other hand a Lugian who stands around covered in blood for years... what is he adding?"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I heard the wedding has been delayed. I bet it's because they don't have anyone nearly as skilled as me to provide the Ale and Stout. This is what happens when you go with amateurs over professionals."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So, a bunch of people turned themselves into Shadows, and then want us to pretend nothing changed? Has everyone forgotten that the Shadows tried to kill everyone? They even tried to KILL BARTENDERS! Nothing good can come of this."

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