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June 2010 - Announcements Page

Patch Size: 4,552k (Client: 21,165k)

Game Changes

  • Gear Knights added as a playable character race.
  • Landscape textures have been improved.
  • Landscape distance fog has returned.
  • New character slot added.

Interface Updates

  • New "Slots" option available which displays armor slots rather than the Paper Doll on the Inventory Panel.

New Quests

Updated Quests

  • Impious Staff Quest
    • Experience reward increased from 1,054,387xp (20% up to level 50) to 10,300,000xp (??% up to level ??).
    • With the introduction of Gearcrafting, smelting pots were available outside of this quest. Because of this, it was possible to pick up multiple ores (60 minute timer) and turn in all the slag to Roderick for the full reward. This bug has been fixed.
  • Reception Games - All games have now finished.
  • Glenden Wood Invasion
    • Possible ways of breaking the quest have been fixed.
    • 130+ Version main quest experience reward increased from 40,000,000xp (10% up to level 160) to ??
    • Fleet Strike Gauntlets turn-in experience reward increased from 20,000,000xp (5% up to level 160) to ??
    • 100+ Version main quest experience reward increased from 18,000,000xp (10% up to level 129) to ??
    • Swift Strike Gauntlets turn-in experience reward increased from 9,000,000xp (5% up to level 129) to ??
    • 80+ Version main quest experience reward increased from 7,000,000xp (10% up to level 101) to ??
    • Quick Strike Gauntlets turn-in experience reward increased from 3,500,000xp (5% up to level 101) to ??

New NPCs

Town Network NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

Note: Whipsering Blade and Rossu Morta Chapterhouse portals are unaffected. All portals inside the Direlands Subway, including Stonehold Valley, are unaffected. Web Maze town portals are unaffected.

New Items

Core Plating Deintegrator Icon.png Core Plating DeintegratorCore Plating Integrator Icon.png Core Plating Integrator

Aluvian (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Aluvian (Town Network Sign)Arwic (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Arwic (Town Network Sign)Cragstone (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Cragstone (Town Network Sign)Dryreach (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Dryreach (Town Network Sign)Eastham (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Eastham (Town Network Sign)Fort Tethana (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Fort Tethana (Town Network Sign)Glenden Wood (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Glenden Wood (Town Network Sign)Holtburg (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Holtburg (Town Network Sign)Lytelthorpe (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Lytelthorpe (Town Network Sign)Plateau Village (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Plateau Village (Town Network Sign)Rithwic (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Rithwic (Town Network Sign)Stonehold (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Stonehold (Town Network Sign)Al-Arqas (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Al-Arqas (Town Network Sign)Al-Jalima (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Al-Jalima (Town Network Sign)Gharu'ndim (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Gharu'ndim (Town Network Sign)Khayyaban (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Khayyaban (Town Network Sign)Qalaba'r (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Qalaba'r (Town Network Sign)Samsur (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Samsur (Town Network Sign)Tufa (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Tufa (Town Network Sign)Uziz (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Uziz (Town Network Sign)Xarabydun (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Xarabydun (Town Network Sign)Yaraq (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Yaraq (Town Network Sign)Zaikhal (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Zaikhal (Town Network Sign)Baishi (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Baishi (Town Network Sign)Freehold (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Freehold (Town Network Sign)Hebian-To (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Hebian-To (Town Network Sign)Kara (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Kara (Town Network Sign)Kryst (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Kryst (Town Network Sign)Lin (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Lin (Town Network Sign)Mayoi (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Mayoi (Town Network Sign)Nanto (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Nanto (Town Network Sign)Sawato (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Sawato (Town Network Sign)Sho (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Sho (Town Network Sign)Shoushi (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Shoushi (Town Network Sign)Tou-Tou (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Tou-Tou (Town Network Sign)Yanshi (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Yanshi (Town Network Sign)Ahurenga (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Ahurenga (Town Network Sign)Annex (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Annex (Town Network Sign)Bluespire (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Bluespire (Town Network Sign)Danby's Outpost (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Danby's Outpost (Town Network Sign)Eastwatch (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Eastwatch (Town Network Sign)Facility Hub (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Facility Hub (Town Network Sign)

Fiun Outpost (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Fiun Outpost (Town Network Sign)Greenspire (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Greenspire (Town Network Sign)Linvak Tukal (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Linvak Tukal (Town Network Sign)Marketplace (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Marketplace (Town Network Sign)Neydisa (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Neydisa (Town Network Sign)Oolutanga's Refuge (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Oolutanga's Refuge (Town Network Sign)Redspire (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Redspire (Town Network Sign)Sanamar (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Sanamar (Town Network Sign)Silyun (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Silyun (Town Network Sign)Timaru (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Timaru (Town Network Sign)Westwatch (Town Network Sign) Icon.png Westwatch (Town Network Sign)Cow (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Cow (Town Network Painting)Crystal (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Crystal (Town Network Painting)Eater (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Eater (Town Network Painting)Gearknight (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Gearknight (Town Network Painting)Lugian (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Lugian (Town Network Painting)Moarsman (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Moarsman (Town Network Painting)Rat (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Rat (Town Network Painting)Remoran (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Remoran (Town Network Painting)Rift (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Rift (Town Network Painting)Shadow (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Shadow (Town Network Painting)Shreth (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Shreth (Town Network Painting)Skeleton (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Skeleton (Town Network Painting)Tusker (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Tusker (Town Network Painting)Zefir (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Zefir (Town Network Painting)Banderling (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Banderling (Town Network Painting)Drudge (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Drudge (Town Network Painting)Idol (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Idol (Town Network Painting)Moar (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Moar (Town Network Painting)Mukkir (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Mukkir (Town Network Painting)Olthoi (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Olthoi (Town Network Painting)Phyntos Wasp (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Phyntos Wasp (Town Network Painting)Ruschk (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Ruschk (Town Network Painting)Scarecrow (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Scarecrow (Town Network Painting)Shark (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Shark (Town Network Painting)Slithis (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Slithis (Town Network Painting)Statue (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Statue (Town Network Painting)Tumerok (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Tumerok (Town Network Painting)Wisp (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Wisp (Town Network Painting)Armoredillo (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Armoredillo (Town Network Painting)Carenzi (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Carenzi (Town Network Painting)Ghost (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Ghost (Town Network Painting) Gromnie (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Gromnie (Town Network Painting)Hollow Minion (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Hollow Minion (Town Network Painting)Knath'taed (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Knath'taed (Town Network Painting)Marionette (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Marionette (Town Network Painting)Mite (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Mite (Town Network Painting)Monouga (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Monouga (Town Network Painting)Mosswart (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Mosswart (Town Network Painting)Sclavus (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Sclavus (Town Network Painting)Simulacrum (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Simulacrum (Town Network Painting)Siraluun (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Siraluun (Town Network Painting)Undead (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Undead (Town Network Painting)Ursuin (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Ursuin (Town Network Painting)Virindi (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Virindi (Town Network Painting)Auroch (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Auroch (Town Network Painting)Burun (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Burun (Town Network Painting)Chicken (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Chicken (Town Network Painting)Chittick (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Chittick (Town Network Painting)Doll (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Doll (Town Network Painting)Elemental (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Elemental (Town Network Painting)Fiun (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Fiun (Town Network Painting)Golem (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Golem (Town Network Painting)Grievver (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Grievver (Town Network Painting)Isparian (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Isparian (Town Network Painting)Margul (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Margul (Town Network Painting)Mattekar (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Mattekar (Town Network Painting)Niffis (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Niffis (Town Network Painting)Penguin (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Penguin (Town Network Painting)Rabbit (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Rabbit (Town Network Painting)Sleech (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Sleech (Town Network Painting)Snowman (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Snowman (Town Network Painting)Thrungus (Town Network Painting) Icon.png Thrungus (Town Network Painting)

Town Network Portal Gem Icon.png Town Network Portal Gem

Aleesa's Longbow (Quest Item) Icon.png Aleesa's Longbow (Quest Item)Ingot Icon.png Ingot

Letter From Home (Gear Knight) Icon.png Letter From Home (Gear Knight)Letter From Home (Shadow) Icon.png Letter From Home (Shadow)

Aleesa's Longbow (Unwieldable Item) Icon.png Aleesa's Longbow (Unwieldable Item)

New Creatures

Human Icon.png Human

New Dialog

Town Crier

Free Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "You might have noticed, but those metal beings are on our side now."

Town Crier tells you, "There are rumors about that The Queen may be in trouble."

Town Crier tells you, "A new travel network has been created for all adventurers to use!"

Pyreal Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Asheron ran into trouble while trying to connect with his fellow Empyreans in portal space, causing many of the portals of Dereth to become unstable."

Town Crier tells you, "Fortunately he was able to create a new network containing new portals to all of those destinations, and he connected this network to all major towns."

Town Crier tells you, "It is truly great news! A faction of the Gear Knights have joined with the shadows and we humans. I must say I feel better seeing one of those giant metal beasts and knowing it is an ally."

Town Crier tells you, "Borelean has been seen in Arwic, whispers say The Queen is in danger and he needs the help of skilled warriors who are strong of mind as well as tough."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Free Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Gear knights huh? I don't trust anything that doesn't drink ale. Oh they do drink ale? Well then they are fine by me, heck I think I like them better then people already."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I don't know what is going on, no matter how drunk I get today it seems I can see things more clearly. It is really messing with my mind."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Ya I heard Elysa was in trouble. Amazing how someone who went down in history as having saved the Isparians from the Olthoi can't manage to take care of herself."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Asheron messed up while messing with portal magic? Who would of guessed that would happen? Oh right probably everyone who is stuck in this forsaken miserable place now called home."

Stout Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Seriously why doesn't that old man just stop trying to "help" people. Does anyone know how many times his helping has not made things worse? Luckily for him, those ripples in portal space didn't break my containers of ale. If they had, there would be real trouble to deal with."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "You know it is slightly amusing to see a big ol' gear knight sitting on a tiny bar stool. I was about to make a joke about it when the nice fellow bought me an ale. That's all it took to win me over, good people those gear knights."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "It's bad enough that Borelean set himself up in the villa in Arwic that I was planning on moving into. But then to make matters worse, the reward isn't any form of alcohol."Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "If you bother to go help that useless family, ask him why he has such a hate for the most significant invention in all of history. How was that wedding anyways, besides dry?"

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So last night I got drunk and the world was the wonderful blur it tends to be. Then this morning I awake and the land looks oddly clear. Thinking quickly I grabbed a couple of glasses of ale and drank them down. But much to my surprise the land only got slightly blurry, not the smudged view I had grown so accustomed too. I think I'm losing my mind."

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