Introduced:  A Reign of Stone Related Quests:  Casinos Updated:  The Calm
Sho Mid-Stakes Gamesmaster
Non-Player Killer
Sho Mid-Stakes Gamesmaster Live
Race Female Sho
Title Gamesmaster
Location 34.2S, 73.7E in Gan-Zo's Den of Iniquity near Shoushi
Level 16
Strength 120
Endurance 130
Coordination 115
Quickness 100
Focus 110
Self 100
Health 70
Stamina 240
Mana 105


  • Route: The Casino is just SE of Shoushi

Lore & Dialog

Sho Mid-Stakes Gamesmaster-Stakes Gamesmaster tells you, "I am the mid-stakes Gamesmaster. Give me a blue token and see what you win!"

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